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Mûre et Musc EdT 50 ml.

The first truly “niche” fragrance I owned was from L’Artisan Parfumeur, the Paris perfume house created in 1978 by Jean Laporte.

I bought it in Bendel’s in NYC where I’d discovered the L’Artisan counter on the second floor. I’d never heard of the brand and since I was the only body in sight as well as a sucker for a sales pitch, I was given the full script by the Sales Assistant.  I sniffed six or seven of her personal favourites, then told her the kinds of scent I wore and liked, at which point she grabbed my hand (she was French) and passionately implored: 

“Try something new, get outside the box, expand your horizons, madame!” 

“She’s got a point,” said a quiet voice to my right. My best friend and future perfume partner had found me finally, and was silently sniffing the testers.

“I’ll take Timbuktu”, I said decisively, and since that day more than ten years ago, Gwen and I have slowly built our collections and added forty-two L’Artisan scents to the Decant Store. 

However, I have to admit that we’ve missed one, one very important fragrance in the L’Artisan pantheon, the  fragrance that established Pierre Laporte as a visionary perfumer and L’Artisan Parfumeur as the innovative brand in modern perfumery. The fragrance is Mûre et Musc, which set the perfume world buzzing with its innovative fusion of tart sweet wild blackberries with the warm fruity facets of the new synthetic “white musks”. The result was a fresh and playful but subtle and sexy scent that could be worn easily by women and men, and which, after its 1978 launch, immediately became a best-seller. Over forty years later, it still is. 

Watch “Mûre et Musc: Forty Years of an Icon”on the L’AP site – the story is told by Master Perfumer, Jean Claude Ellena, who worked closely with Laporte on the development of the new accord and the final fragrance. 

Mûre et Musc EdT is fresh, light and soft, typical of the fragrances from the late 1970’s. It’s one of those scents that can seem to fade quickly or disappear, but then has deceptive strength, returning unexpectedly in lovely sheer wafts. It’s somewhat dependent of skin chemistry, or what I think, more correctly, is nose chemistry - if you’re anosmic to musks you’ll miss some of it’s magic. I find it superb in hot weather, unobtrusive but always interesting with the tart blackberry, subtly sexy from the musks with their soft sweat-on-warm skin notes. 

The listed notes are citrus, blackberries, and musks, but of course there is much more going on. Jean Claude Ellena mentions citrus – bergamot and lemon, and herbs – tarragon and lavender. “As blackberry extract does not exist in perfumery, the inspired alchemist created it blending a molecule often found in flavoured foods, reminiscent of the coveting warmth of cooked raspberries, with a blackurrant note. The illusion is perfect: one can almost see, smell and touch 'blackberry'. “  But it’s not the big blackberries in fruit salad or blackberry jam, the note is the scent of small wild blackberry fruits on the stem, warmed by summer heat, scented with stems and dust and leaves and grass and earth underfoot. The aromatic citrus and herbs notes prevent re et Musc from being cloying or jammy, and oak moss in the base fills in green woody facets, keeping the sensation fresh and unfussy.  

Mûre et Musc is superbly uncomplicated, but beautifully refined in its simplicity. The citrus and blackberry accord fades through the long dry-down but never completely disappears, the musks are clean-sexy rather than funky, which give the scent a modern sophistication. 

If you are a perfume lover, this elegant musk should definitely be on your Try-Me list.

After all, there’s nothing else like it, it’s a classic, a game-changer, and still a best-seller. Plus it smells great. Doesn’t get better than that. 

Mûre et Musc is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.

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Pair of lemons

Lemons are the fruit of the lemon tree, or Citrus limon, a flowering plant in the Rutaceae family. No one really knows where they originated, but they showed up in Europe through Italy in ancient Roman times. By 1150, lemon trees were found throughout the Arab world and the Mediterranean region and later made their way across the Atlantic to the Americas via Christopher Columbus.

Essential oil of lemon is made from cold-pressed lemon peel, so its scent remains truer to the scent of the fruit and peel, and delivers a note that is bright, light, refreshing, sparkling and cheerful. It is the sunshine note in fragrances. 

Here are four of our favourite lemon scents, which can be worn and enjoyed by everyone. 

Notes Series #26 – LEMON

Four 1ml. decants for $18.00, regular $23.00. 

Fleurs de Citronnier by Serge Lutens translates into 'lemon blossoms,' the main attraction in this eau de parfum, which opens a note of bitter, citrusy, green citronnier petitgrain – the kind made from the leaves of lemon trees. Soon, the lemon blossom appears, its delicate beauty is transparent but tenacious. Citrusy neroli bolsters the lemon blossom with its green and orange facets. Soon they are joined by a lush, indolic note of tuberose; its' sensuality countering the purity of the lemon blossoms. Delicate, floral and fresh, every note shines without any of them outshining the lemon blossom. Regular $6.00

Lemon by Mary Greenwell bursts open with the freshest just-squeezed juice from the sweetest, plumpest, biggest, most perfect lemons, amped up by mounds of their brilliant yellow zest, plus more citrus notes of lime, bergamot, mandarin and bitter orange. Never too sweet or too sharp or too loud, the divine fresh scent gathers steam and goes green and floral in the heart. Herbs and white florals keep the lemon aroma sparkling, and the mix is intoxicating. Lemon smells like the best sunny summer day you can imagine. Regular $5.00

Tabac Citron by Charna Ethier of Providence Perfume Co. was inspired by the French countryside.It’s fresh and snappy in the first whiffs, with an almost bitter edge, the combination of oily lemon zest and herbal lavender making an arresting accord.But the soft smoky-sweet scent of fresh-picked tobacco leaves drying in the summer sun immediately starts to soften this unusual opening and Tabac Citron soon dries down into a pale vegetal creamy sweetness like new hay, edged with soft lemon, spiced rose and sandalwood notes, which make it so gorgeous and so niche. Regular $7.00

Un Zest de Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine opens with a bright sparkling note of lemon, fortified with a green note from bergamot and sweetened with orange peel. I smell dried fruit, candied citrus rind to my nose, which gives it a lovely depth.  At the heart, a lush, velvety rose note comes forward and while the effervescence of the opening fades, the lemon never really does – it stays delicate and soft playing off the rose, now bolstered by jasmine, each complementing the other beautifully. The perfect fragrance for a summer’s day. Regular $5.00

Note Series #26 – LEMON is listed in our Decant Store. Four 1ml. decants for $18.00. regular $23.00.

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