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Mandala of the Six Chakravartins

My husband calls me into his studio the other morning, hands me the headphones and says: “Close your eyes and listen to this…”

“Okay”. I say, expecting to hear his new tune. 

Instead, I hear a quiet hum which soon expands into what I perceive as a human male voice, and then as the deep hum gains in intensity, the one voice becomes two. Chanting in wordless harmony the voices move together in waves, the second voice higher and softer, and after a couple of minutes, the harmonic effect is mesmerizing. I hear both voices but the harmonies are so close where does one stop and the other begin? The air in the room vibrates, and conscious thought disappears as I feel the sound flowing into and through me. 

“That’s the Buddhist over-tone singing you asked me about. By changing the position and shape of their mouth and larynx while chanting at a single pitch, a monk creates one or more overtones – he gets a harmonic series of notes from one fundamental sound. Sounds like two voices. It’s sort of like catching light in a prism and seeing a rainbow, only with sound waves. It’s so powerful!” he says, taking back his headphones.  

WOW! As the words come out of his mouth, I have a flash of insight into Mandala, the fragrance that’s been sitting on my desk for the past few weeks. 

“Thanks, hon, great research!” 

At my desk, I spritz my wrists, and Mandala, Act ll, Scene ll in the Opera of Life from Italian niche line, Masque Milano, begins.

Masque Milano describes Mandala as…”The whole universe…Light, rarefied air. Utter silence. Cows lazily lying on the grass stare at you, while you start spinning the prayer wheels. From the monastery comes the monks’ overtone singing - two notes chanting in perfect, peaceful harmony. A myrrh and incense fragrance - light and delicate. A contemplative atmosphere. Vibrating at two levels at the same time.”

Ahhh, the opening! It rolls out of the bottle in a big puff of dense exotic incense spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove – incense drifting from the dim interior of the monastery, not smoky but deeply aromatic. Soon there is an accord of sweet softness from myrrh and musky rooty angelica  – the grassy pastured hillside, blue sky, sunshine. The sensation is warm and contemplative but a dry cool airiness hovers as the initial notes deepen into the heart. 

Cardamom with licks of lemon, a green-woody cedar note add a peppery tone to the spiced accord. Leathery cistus is accented with salty musk of ambergris, an inspired contrast to the rich spice and woods. In the base, Mandala moves inside the cool stone monastery and the closeness of the monks and their music. Mandala becomes meditative, a solid accord of sandalwood, earthy oakmoss, spices, and aromatic incense wafting skyward, the contrasting accords of warm and cool, dense and airy, connecting earth with the heavens, the entire universe. 

There’s not a single flower in Mandala. It smells rich, it’s intensely aromatic with deep resinous notes from woods and spices but at the same time, it has an earthy freshness that is magnetic. The scent has a unique and powerful waft, which some may perceive as masculine, but to my nose is non-gendered and universal, a pure fragrance that feeds the soul and inspires reverence. 

Perfumer Christian Carbonnel created Mandala for Masque Milano owners Allesandro Brun and Riccardo Tedeschi. Aiming his creative light through a perfume prism, he’s revealed a rainbow of incense overtones, bringing their vision of a myrrh and incense fragrance to life.  The deep bass notes of incense and spice are paired in perfect harmony with the tenor notes of myrrh and woods and herbs, creating a whole universe where they sing like never before.

Mandala is listed in our Decant store. Decants are $9.00 for 1 ml.


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Image - - unknown Tibetan artist


Lemon flower and fruit

It's been a very busy week around here. I had a project due for a client that involved a lot of statistical research, which is not really my thing. Looking through research and data online, I became easily distracted. I'm disciplined enough not to drift into shoe/handbag/sunglass shopping but blur the work/play line when I find some really fascinating stuff that I just had to stop and read. Like this fascinating article 'Where do Eels Come From?' And just the other day, I found a study on 'The Role of Odor-Evoked Memory in Psychological and Physiological Health.' This is a kind of research, isn't it? You see the problem, right? Buckling down got the project done and it was easier with the help of Fleurs de Citronnier by Serge Lutens.

Let me explain. That article on odor-evoked memory and psychological health got me thinking:

'…when odors are capable of eliciting emotional and physical changes it is due to the emotions, memories and associations that have been linked to an odor through past personal experiences, which are then elicited when the odor is encountered, and the psychological and physiological responses connected to the odor are recapitulated'.

This explains why lemon-based fragrances lift my mood, energize me and just brighten my day. Lemons unlock all my favourite childhood summer memories. Lemons, the colour of the sun, are forever linked to memories of hot, school-free days spent playing outside with my best friends until I got hungry and went home for dinner. To this day, the tart, sour fragrance of lemon, pull me back through time to the first time I held a glass of lemonade by all by myself. Was I three-years-old? Older? Younger? My mother coaching me: 'OK, sweetheart, the glass is wet and slippery, so hold it with both hands….' The slipperiness and the weight caught me by surprise, and I faltered for a moment, but I didn't drop the glass. Writing about it here, I can taste that lemonade now – cold, tart, sweet, delicious, reviving. I thought I had drunk a magic potion. Lemons make me happy in any form: food, drink and especially fragrances, like Fleurs de Citronnier.

'Fleurs de Citronnier' translates into 'lemon blossoms,' and they are the main attraction in this eau de parfum, which opens a note of bitter, citrusy, green citronnier petitgrain – the kind made from the leaves of lemon trees. As it settles, the lemon blossom appears, its delicate beauty is transparent but tenacious, and it stays right through to the drydown.  Citrusy neroli bolsters the lemon blossom with its green and orange facets. Soon they are joined by a lush, indolic note of tuberose; its' sensuality countering the purity of the lemon blossoms. A note of honey keeps the tuberose in check, while iris rounds out the flowers. Around this time, the fragrance smells clean. On me, it's not soapy-smelling clean as much as it is fresh-smelling. This is when I realize how simple and uncluttered with heady, heavy notes Fleurs de Citronnier is. At the base, there is a touch of warmth from nutmeg, while styrax gives it a dry, subtle woodiness and musks smooth it out.

The drydown is delicate, floral and fresh. But its beauty lies in its simplicity and transparency. It's structured to allow every note to shine without any of them outshining the lemon blossom. It's the smell of a neighbour's summer garden caught in a breeze drifting over into your backyard.

Fleurs de Citronnier brings the summer back to me and somehow revitalizes my saggy spirit. It certainly helped that little research job get done on time.

Fleurs de Citronnier is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $6.00 for 1 ml.

Image - Wikipedia - by Elena Chochkova, November 25, 2007


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