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Al Oudh

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Oud is currently the 'it' note in niche perfumes, but it's been around for centuries.

Eastern mystics believed it aided meditation and used it as temple oil, and in incense.

Oud has a very distinct scent - dry, medicinal, almost a harsh woody smell that really benefits from being tempered with another fragrance -  that's why it is traditionally paired with rose.

One of my favourite oud fragrances is Al Oudh.

Al Oudh takes aggressive oud and makes it lighter, fuller and elegant.  Caraway, cardamom and pepper give it a spicy start, which is sweetened by notes of dried Medjool dates, and softened by rose and neroli.
The oud character starts to emerge, accompanied by leather, and the distinct animalic notes of civet and castoreum. As the drydown continues, exotic notes of incense, patchouli, woods, and vanilla bring balance and softness, and the scent achieves an exotic elegance.

There is no desert heat in Al Oudh - this is the desert at night.

Notes: spices, pepper, saffron, vanilla, rose, civet, sandalwood, oudwood
Type: EDP,
Parfumeur: Bertrand Duchaufour

Price: $5.00