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April 2011

  • Stephen Jones – You can keep your hat on (Monday April 4, 2011 New Fragrance Listing)

    The excitement around the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William is starting to take on a life of its own. I expected to see the media drumming it up and die-hard anglophiles getting caught up in it, but over the past week clients, friends and pals are all talking about it – what a great couple they make, what a great love story, who’s designing the wedding dress, etc.

  • Folravril – It’s spring somewhere (April 11, 2011 New Fragrance Listing)

    My teenage son just started a summer job. Watching him go through the whole process of hunting for a job, landing a job and working at a job reminded me of some of the jobs I had when I was a young woman.
    Why, I remember all the good times I had and the great friends I made, while I was a cashier at a grocery store, or stocking shelves at a bookstore or when I was an inventory control clerk. I was young, smart and slim - unencumbered by the responsibilities of adulthood. The world was my oyster and I its pearl.

  • Midnight in Paris – Customers who you like this, also like…. (April 18, 2011 New Fragrance Listing)

    I love my music, from Frank Sinatra to Florence and the Machine, but there’s so much out there, that it’s hard to know what you’ll like, and how to spend your money and more importantly, your time. So I’ve become a really big fan of the “Customers-who-like-this-also-like….” feature that some websites have because they lead you to new ground and they are a real help when deciding what to read, what to listen to or what to cook for dinner.