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June 2018

  • Nerotic - Hypnotic, sensual, erotic… - May 31, 2018

    "Nerotic" from "Laboratorio in Nero" Collection -

  • Eau Chic - upbeat, refreshing and très chic – June 6, 2018

    Photo: permission Astier de Villate

    As the temperature increases so does my desire to wear colognes. Colognes have really been popular for the last few years, and that interest isn’t waning anytime soon as more and more niche house introduce them into the market each year.

  • Eau d’Orange Verte – Citrus explosion + vibrant green = complex cologne

    Eau d'Orange Verte -

    The weather is officially HOT! The world tends to think of Canada as being constantly c-o-l-d, which is a myth. Winters are cold, yes, but with the exception of the cooler Pacific and Atlantic coasts, summers across Canada are hot, especially in the Eastern provinces, which always have lots of humidity.

  • King Baby – warm and woody and pitch-perfect sweet – June 20, 2018

    Photo: Permission of King Baby

    I discovered King Baby jewelry, many years ago. I’m drawn to silver jewelry, especially well-designed pieces that have a presence to them and many of the pieces from this California-based biker inspired line, suit me perfectly. I’m not a biker chick, so while the skull, dagger and handcuff motifs don’t appeal to me, the heart and rose designs from the Queen Baby collection, do.

  • “Eau! Those Colognes” Decant Pack

    4711 Eau de Cologne bottle - Wikimedia Commons, by Nevit Dilmen

    Colognes are designed to keep you fresh as a daisy and cool as a cucumber in the sizzling summer heat. Believe it or not, we like to store ours in the fridge for an extra shot of cool.

    But what exactly is the technology behind them?