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Hey folks, save up to 25% on our decants....

Did you know that you can save up to 25% on our decants if you're buying from the USA, or outside Canada? Our prices are listed in Canadian dollars, and due to recent currency re-valuations the $USD, for example, is now worth 25% more than our $CAD (approximately). For example:

CAD$4.00 decant price = USD$3.00 after conversion

Missoni Uomo - An elegant, gentle leather

Knowing my interest in perfume and vintage scents, a friend recently brought me a bottle of Missoni Uomo eau de toilette that she'd unearthed in her husband's wardrobe while packing for a move from house to condo. It was in the original box printed with the distinctive wavy Missoni knitwear pattern, and was half full. 

Tom Ford Noir – spicy and floral and masculine


Most Saturdays throughout the summer and into late fall, my brother and I meet up and walk to the local farmer's market together. We love good food made from great produce and each other, so this is an easy way for us to catch up and just be together.

A week before Thanksgiving, I noticed something in the air as we set out for the market.

'Are you wearing a fragrance'? I asked him.

'Yep,' he said.

'But you never wear fragrance!'

'That's right.'

'But you're wearing it now.'

Bois Mystérieux - Deep, dark, leathery woods

Bois Mysterieux Eau de Parfum - courtesy

Ursa – Patchouli, leather, incense and rum, an Oriental beauty


La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum - Every woman needs this

La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum - courtesy

Mauvais Garçon - Warm and inviting and irresistible


Image - Mauvais Garçon by Brecourt Paris - 

Vetiver Tonka - a divine union of opposites

Vetiver grass  -

Tangeri - Sueded iris, spice, and mossy elegance

Keiko Mecheri "Bespoke Collection"

Hot humid and sunny makes me want cool green and mossy. It’s just what happens every summer. It's vetiver season.

Bergamote Calabria­­ -Smells like Mediterranean summer

Aqua Allegoria "Bergamote Calabria"  - courtesy of

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