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Sandalo - Magnetic, addictive, unmatched - May 6, 2016

Image - Lorenzo Villoresi in his Florence atelier -

It's about time. How about something for the guys? How about Sandalo by Italian niche brand, Lorenzo Villoresi?

6th Birthday Decant Draw Winners


What am I wearing this beautiful sunny spring day when the leaves are bursting open on the maple trees ,and hyacinth and yellow forsythia are blooming? Violet Empire by CB I Hate Perfume, still my favourite spring scent….

Panorama - A 'Fume with a View - April 29, 2016

Sheats-Goldstein House - Miguel Sandhina for Olfactive Studio

Note Series #18 - GRASS

Calamus plant - Wikipedia - J.F. Gaffard, May 2004

Spring has sprung,

the grass has ris,

I wonder where the birdies is'?


Bond No. 9 Perfumista Avenue - Take a chance and live – April 22, 2016


Bond No. 9 "Perfumista Avenue" -

Yet another artist and musical genius has left our world. Yesterday my daughter wept big tears for Prince who she grew up with, he was her all-time favourite, just as I did for John Lennon before she was born.

Our 6th Birthday Decant Draw - April 20, 2016

Gwen:        Oh! My! God!!!

Kay:            What’s wrong! You OK? You nearly knocked over your wine glass.

Gwen:        Nothing’s wrong! I just that I realized it’s been six whole years, almost to the day, since we started!

Lust - A four letter word – April 15, 2016



A family conversation…

Son: “Wow! Those flowers really smell” as he walked past the arrangement in the hallway. “They smell fantastic!”

Husband: “Yeah, they smell strong, like they’ve just been picked!”

Héritage – For women too - April 8, 2016

Today, Friday, started kind of gray and unseasonably cold, and marked the end of a gruelling week at work. Getting ready to hit the deck again with a smile on my face was a chore, involving extra make-up time and careful wardrobe choice. I figured if I look good, I’ll feel good. It usually works, so I pulled on my favourite skinny jeans and black cashmere V-neck, looped a vintage Hermès scarf around my neck and started my day.

Note Series #17 – IRIS


Iris pseudopumila - Girolamo Giardina - Nov.14, 2006

According to Wikipedia, the word Iris means rainbow in Greek, which perfectly describes this elegant flower, the historic symbol of wisdom and loyalty, because it comes in every colour of the rainbow, plus every shade in between. There’s no denying the beauty of these tall elegant plants.

Morn to Dusk – The Italian way to Vanilla - April 1, 2016


Hotel Le Sirenuse, (red building) Positano, Italy -

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