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Noir de Reminiscence – Woody and balsamic and resinous – February 1, 2016

I have a single girlfriend who has made it very clear to all her friends that she would like to meet the right man. One afternoon, when I dropped round her place to return a book I had borrowed, I noticed a sports station playing on the radio in the background as we chatted.

“Since when did you start following hockey?” I asked.

Venezia Giardini Segreti – jasmine and resin and salty skin - January 25, 2016

My secret garden in Venice. Photo:

Venice is a place of secrets, a result of its geography, I think. Built on 117 small islands, linked by bridges and canals, Venice is a maze of hidden entranceways, narrow corridors and passageways, just big enough for surreptitious meetings and clandestine assignations.

A*Men Pure Havane – Aromatic tobacco and sweet honey and woody, earthy, patchouli - January 18, 2016

Image - Cuban cigar and rum -

When I was a young, callow perfumista, I had a bias against flankers, those siblings of successful scents that often just share a fragrance note or name or packaging of the original fragrance and I dismissed them as money grabs.

Notes Series #10 – INCENSE

Incense - photo courtesy Wiki Commons

L'Original – Woody and aquatic and serenely beautiful - January 11, 2016

Vertical Garden at Pershing Hall photo courtesy of Paris 75007

In 2001 French interior designer Andrée Putman introduced her first fragrance, Préparation Parfumée and my world shifted a little. I have been an admirer of her design work for years.

T'was the night before Christmas at perfumeniche....


Image - Wikipedia - "Twas the Night Before Christmas" book cover

The one post of ours that people mention the most often as their favourite is this one. Orginally posted in December 2011, we offer it here again this year.

Note Series #9 – TUBEROSE

Tuberose blossoms -

Note Series #5 -VANILLA

Image - Wikipedia - Vanilla Extract by Yardensachs, June 2008

Note Series #2 - AMBER - November 27, 2015

Image - Wikipedia - Amber Room in The Catherine Palace, St. Petersberg

by jeanyfan, May 2004

Kinski - You had me at Geza… - November 23, 2015

Image - Klaus Kinski as Paganini - from

I am fascinated by Geza Schoen. The Berlin-based nose is hugely talented and has created fragrances for high-profile houses like Diesel and FCUK, and for smaller niche lines like Ormonde Jayne, Anat Fritz and biehl parfumkunstwerke.

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