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Bulgari Black image

Years ago when my mother-in-law visited us from England she got a real kick out of a sign that hangs over our street: No Ball Hockey Playing on Street.

Only in Canada, where our national sport has such a hold on people, do we have to have a municipal law forbidding its play in the streets. Doesn’t work though – kids are out there playing street hockey all the time. 

My own house is full of hockey equipment – helmets, sticks, jerseys, pads and skates drying out after a session on the ice – summer and winter.

I suppose that’s why the first time I smelled Bulgari Black it was familiar to me. To me, Black is one of the all time great scents. It smells like no other perfume, because the first hit smells like rubber - in a good way. After all, who wants to smell like a hockey puck?

The rubber smell comes from black tea playing off rosewood and cedar giving Black a smoky feel. On me, the phases of the perfume are very muted I can’t really distinguish them. The rubber and the woods stay constant, although they get milder over time, while different elements – musk and vanilla on me -  appear in the background. This is what makes Bulgari Black such a gutsy, distinctive scent. Whenever I wear it, and I wear it a lot, I get noticed – in a good way.

Bulgari Black is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $4.00 for  1ml.