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Five O'Clock au Gingèmbre – It must be five o’clock somewhere

My sister and I happened to be in Montreal together a couple of years ago, just sniffing out some scents at our favourite haunts, when she picked up a bottle of Five O'Clock au Gingèmbre and sprayed it on her arm. It had just been released and I had not yet had the opportunity to smell it. WOW! What a stunner! The SA told us the story behind the scent. She said that the Five O was inspired by the idea of late afternoon English tea - tea and ginger cakes in front of a fireplace.

Patchouli Patch - Respect is due

Ohmigod, she’s writing about a patchouli perfume! Get me outta here! But hold on, folks....... before you blindly click to another page, take a few moments and listen to what I have to say........

Coeur de Vétiver Sacré – A coup de coeur (September 15, 2010 New Fragrance Listing)

I know I’m a bit of a scent junkie. After all, I do write about fragrances I own and my love for them. But even for me there are times when I get it into my head that this or that note de jour is overused, over hyped and over sold and I develop a bit of resistance to it – “you can fool some of the people most of the time, but you are not fooling me with this…..”. That’s how I currently feel about vetiver. Sure, I own a few vets and I love the ones that I do own, but really, how many more does the world need?

Boadicea the Victorious - Sniffin’ Warrioress - A One-Act Play

Sniffin’ Warrioress
A One-Act Play

Boadicea the Victorious "Complex" - Uncompromising personality

Image - Queen Boudica by John Opie, 1761-1807 -

Who is Boadicea the Victorious? - that’s her above. Hmmm...the name is familiar, but I can’t remember her story. Let me check my Nuttall:

Eau Noire – Oh, yes!

Maison Martin Margiela (Untitled) – But not unloved (September 3, 2010 New Fragrance Listing)

I never buy a bottle blind…anymore. I’ve been burned a few times – read and believed enticing product descriptions or reviews, suffered buyer's remorse, and frankly wasted my hard earned do-re-mi on a scrubber.

Bois Farine - Mood-changing magic

This is the last gourmand blog for a while, I swear. I wasn’t going to do it, because yesterday the thermometer hit 32C (90F) here in Toronto, with 95% humidity, and today is more of the same. Do I want to talk about perfume, food, smells?  I didn’t think so when I woke up this morning – my fantasy is to open the fridge and stand in front of it all day. But then I spritzed myself with Bois Farine, and I got my inspiration.

I Love Paris When it Sizzles....

I have been in Paris for the last week. In August most Parisians quit the city for the mountains or the sea. Small shops are closed for holidays and the city is a little quieter. Some people feel it lacks the excitement of other times of the year, but I love being in Paris any time even in August.

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