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passage du desir

I am a big fan of James Heeley’s scents. His creative compositions really resonate with me.

In Cardinal the top note is rose with and black pepper, which gives it heat and spiciness. Then magical incense appears, while amber, patchouli and vertiver make up the base.

That’s what in it, what makes it stunning is that it takes incense and makes it light and clean, not dark and gloomy (dark and gloomy do have their charms by the way, but we’ll save that discussion for another day).

It’s the scent of cool stone, not cold stone, tempered by warmth, not heat. And with this is a beautiful clear, clean note of fresh laundered linen.

Cardinal should come with smelling salts on the side.
Notes: incense, citrus, amber, patchouli, vetiver
Type: EDP
Parfumeur: James Heeley

Price: $6.00