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“5-Stars - Old and New and Fabulous ” Decant Pack


Like all reviews and reviewers, we think Turin and Sanchez are geniuses when they agree with us and just plain wacky when they don’t. Like them or not, they’ve introduced readers around the world to niche lines and fragrances they may not otherwise know about or try, and we acknowledge their role in building our fragrance collections.

In the spirit of sharing new discoveries, we have put together a selection of 5-Star fragrances from the Perfumes the A-Z Guide (2008) and Perfumes The Guide 2018 , their newest book, so maybe you can discover some new-to-you fragrances too!

Here’s six 5-stars from our collections… some old classics, some new classics, all affordable and all fabulous for everyone.

Hey, maybe T and S are geniuses after all!!


“5-Stars - Old and New and Fabulous ” Decant Pack

Six 1 ml. decants, regular $25.00 for $19.00

...from the 2018 Guide...

Alaïa Paris -  Azzedine Alaïa - An aquatic airy, skin scent balanced with enough oomph that it entrances people and draws them closer. a veil of irresistible seduction.

Narciso EDP – Narciso Rodriguez – creamy woody and musky, with a deeply beautiful floral heart, warm woody base, and an elegant radiance, Narciso is feminine seduction in a bottle.

...from the 2008 Guide...

Bulgari Black  - Bulgari – a glorious, distinctive scent. It opens with the smell of smoldering rubber from lapsang souchong tea, the smokiness softened by rosewood and cedar, with musk and vanilla in the background. Great on a woman or a man, it's one of the all time great modern fragrances.

Jicky  - Guerlain – cool citrus, lavender, herbs, vanilla, and amber, with a hint of sexy skank, Jicky is the oldest perfume (since 1889) in continuous existence and the original non-gendered fragrance loved and worn by everyone, everywhere.

Rive Gauche – YSL - a cool, floral with a metallic tang that makes Rive Gauche a one-of-a-kind scent that speaks to the free-spirited, independent, chic woman.

Timbuktu  - L’Artisan Perfumeur – mysterious, other-worldly, Timbuktu is incense like you’ve never smelled before. Smoky woods , herbs, grasses, and sweet myrhh combine into a  beautiful waft that almost spiritual. A modern classic for men and women.



Price: $19.00