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“Breakfast in Bed – AGAIN!” Gift Pack


“Breakfast in Bed – AGAIN!” Gift Pack – 4 1ml. decants reg. price $16.00 for $12.00, with free gift-wrap.
Amaranthine – Penhaligon’s
A light, fresh note of green tea, with spice and floral aspects, lush, aromatic, creamy.
Eau de Celeri – Monsillage
Then there’s Eau de Celeri - crisp and green and herbal and a surprisingly weightless scent for warm days.
Tardes – Carner
Focused on almond groves and wheat fields, it reveals its complex facets slowly and becomes a peaceful stroll on a warm scented summer evening.
Iris Yukiyoe - Hermès
Fresh, green, floral, alive, incredibly soft, it’s an iris garden in full bloom, far beyond the dry powdery, rooty earthy, or violet candy standards.


Price: $12.00