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“I’ll Have What She’s Having” Pack

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Kay: Well, I have to tell ya, after reading about your scentgasm in Monday's blog I RAN to my sample stash and slapped some on my wrists as fast as I could. You're right- SCENTGASM!!!!!!! Couldn't stop sniffing'.....
Gwen:  Isn't it amazing? I love when a scent does that to me. And the great thing is you can have them whenever you want....just sniff a frag with civet and musk.
Kay:  Yeah - the animalics - primal triggers. It seems that we humans like those smells, they’re hard-wired in us.....after all, much as we like to pretend otherwise, we're just animals. After having a good meal, and getting warm and cozy, we wanna procreate. Sex smells....
Gwen: ...really good in a perfume.....
Kay:  You know, there's only a couple of frags that have the SCENTGASM effect on me. The first is Muscs Koublai Khan by Serge Lutens, which jumped out of the bottle and sucked the air right out of me the first time I sniffed it. Smells like long lazy sex under a duvet, but then softens into an amazing soft musky sexy skin scent - at least, on me it does.
Gwen: Yeah, MKK is a moaner - Absolue pour le Soir is a the-glory-of-his-manhood-filled-the room frag. The second it hits your skin, it smells like intense, dirty sex, but the powdery drydown lets you retain some sense of decorum afterword. It’s like having a nooner and then going back to the office – nobody is the wiser, unless they get up close.
Kay: You have to be careful where you have your SCENTGASM – sometimes it’s hard to control ,and you don't want to draw attention to yourself if you're in a store, or scare the dog if you're at home.
Gwen: I agree. Privacy is best.
Kay: We’ve talked about moaners and swooners, but remember the Brent Leonisio musk I bought, UNTITLED No.8? It’s sex in 3-D with Surround Sound at full volume – it’s a screamer! A combo of animalics like civet, castoreum, musk and leather, with floral and vegetal skanky notes like tobacco and oud, this is a frag that gives me a scentgasm just thinking about it! Talk about shock and awe……..

NOTE: UNTITLED NO. 8 IS SOLD OUT AS OF 04/27/2012...AND HAS BEEN REPLACED BY....Annick Goutal Musc Nomade - read blog about it here...


Kay: I have a frag that's a sexy skin scent - Musc Nomade is like no other, an effortless sexy cloud rather than a fragrance. As I sat down next to a friend in a restaurant last night, his head jerked up “What are you wearing? I love it”, he said. HE could smell it, and I couldn't. But later that night , as I took off my sweater, a cloud of soft sexy salty-skin musk wafted up and I thought "Wow! No wonder he loved the way I smelled - I do, too! This smells SOOoooo sensual!"

Gwen: One thing is for sure…you gotta try these animalic frags to see how they work with your own skin- they're not for sissies, or people with weak hearts.
Kay: Well, you gotta start somewhere, and it might as well be with the best. How about a decant pack? Are we going to call it the "The Scentgasm" Pack? I dunno about that – sounds a little skanky.
Gwen: Let’s just call it the “I’ll Have What She’s Having” Pack and put  these three "animals" in it -

Absolue pour le Soir,

Muscs Koublai Khan

Musc Nomade 
Kay: Perfect. Three animalic scents for $15.
Gwen: [Pulls out a pack of cigarettes] Feel like a cigarette?
Kay:  Hah! You're hilarious.........

 "I'll Have What She's Having"  Pack - 3 decants of animalic fragrances for $15.00 + shipping.