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“Mad Men” Style Pack


The Mad Men Style Pack – 4 fab frags in decants for $14.00 + shipping

Gwen: There's some great contemporary frags that match the Mad Men characters

Kay: Like what? Name some...
Gwen: Well, Joanie would definitely wear Vamp à NY. It’s luscious and feminine, and powerful - perfection!  And Peggy would wear Bulgari Black.

Kay: Yup, a truly special scent – oddly dark and leathery but deceptively soft underneath. It's just what a creative person would wear. Now, Don Draper definitely needs an update....
Gwen: I beg to differ. Don Draper doesn't need anything at all...

Kay: Scent-wise I mean. How about Vive L’Empéreur? Orange, booze, spice, grass, woods, smoke, and lots of big tough leather, softened by amber - a scent for Napoleon, for heros with flaws. Incredibly masculine and definitely not ordinary...

Gwen: OK – Don can just wear that...Now, about Roger Stirling

Kay: That’s easy – Méchant Loup – Wicked Wolf. Soft and cozy on the outside, a little honey and spice as a come-on, and then it’s into the dark woods. It worked on Red Riding Hood!

The Mad Men Style Pack – 4 fab frags in decants for $14.00 + shipping:
Vamp à NY - Honoré des Pres
Bulgari Black - Bulgari
Vive L’Empéreur - Christian Louis
Méchant Loup -L'Artisan Parfumeur


Price: $14.00