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“Pop culture faves” Decant Pack – September 28, 2018.

Names in the news, we’re bombarded with news all day every day. Some names we know, others we learn about, many are forgettable, and a select few become part of pop culture. Here’s a few names that have landed in the Niche Perfume culture spotlight, but have slowly been pushed back into the shadows by the “new” New Names. At the time, we thought they were fab scents, that’s why we bought them, and guess what? They still are, so we’re offering four of our cult faves so that you can experience them yourself, and learn what all the hype was about. We’re certain you won’t be disappointed!


“Pop culture faves” Decant Pack -  four 1 ml. decants for $16.00, regular price $20.00.

L’Wren Scott – L’Wren Scott

L’Wren Scott, who passed away four years ago, was Mick Jagger’s girlfriend for many years and she was also a successful model who became a very successful designer. Her “old-world” aesthetic revealed both the demure and sexy aspects of women, especially her dresses, which she always showed with hat and gloves.  Proper on the outside, sensual on the inside. Warm and inviting, her signature fragrance is aromatic, earthy, floral, musky and mossy, with a mysterious exotic waft that quietly draws you in with its quiet sensuality. She was quoted in Women's Wear Daily: “I don’t think [perfumes] should wear you, just enhance who you are.” L’Wren Scott’s fragrance does exactly that, and is such a pleasure to wear.

Eva Kant – O’Driu

This fragrance was inspired by a character in the wildly popular Italian pulp fiction comic series, Diabolik. Diabolik is a ruthless thief who targets criminals – think Robin Hood. Tall, dark and handsome, he uses masks and disguises to conceal his identity.  Eva Kant is his moll. Portrayed as a young attractive blonde, she, like her partner, is a master of disguise. Eva Kant, the fragrance, is complex with different notes coming forward and receding for hours. It is at times dry or creamy, floral, animalic, woody, camphorous, bitter or sweet – an expression of the idea that the fragrance lives with the wearer. Eva Kant is art as perfume – a true original that is always exciting to wear and experience.

Loretta – Tableau de Parfums 

Loretta is a sultry, larger-than-life, modern, and incredibly beautiful tuberose fragrance. The limited–edition Tableau de Parfums line was created a few years ago by Andy Tauer of Tauer Perfumes as “portrait” fragrances named for famous movie actresses to promote Brian Pera's film project, Woman’s Picture. Loretta  (Loretta Young) is based on the character of a young woman, a maid at a motel living a somewhat naïve humdrum life, who daydreams about her other grown-up sophisticated self, a self who is romantic, sensual, seductive and desired. Opening big and powdery on top of vanilla-soaked dark berries, Loretta is sweet, but the spice and rose accord immediately add a smoke-leather sensation, almost metallic and steamy. The pure tuberose that blooms in the heart on a bed of orange blossoms and hints of green vetiver is a revelation, a seductive bouquet that lasts for hours, and is unforgettable. This line is no longer available, so try Loretta now before it is gone forever.

Shiloh – Hors Là Monde

Symine Salimpour, founder and owner of Hors Là Monde jewelry in Los Angeles is also passionate about perfume, so she hired famed perfumer Edmund Roudnitska to create a perfume to expand her product line. She named her fragrance Shiloh, to honour a close friend. She soon found herself in a legal battle over the name with Angelina Jolie, who objected to her using the name of Jolie’s daughter with Brad Pit. Guess who won? Symine and her wonderful fragrance, which sold out as soon as it hit store shelves due to all the celeb hype. She describes Shiloh as having “the elegance of France and warmth of the Middle East, the best of each place…”citrusy, grassy green, then floral with a sheer woody rose, Shiloh dries down dark and rich but with a warm musky sensuality, French elegance and Middle Eastern warmth personified.

“Pop culture faves” Decant Pack is listed in our Decant Store, four 1 ml. decants for $16.00, regular price $20.00.

Image - Wikimedia Commons - Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art, Medzilaborce, Slovakia