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“Winter’s End” Decant Pack

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“Winter’s End” Decant Pack – 4 fresh frags for $14.00, PLUS SHIPPING. Decants = 1 ml.
Folavril – Annick Goutal
rich tropical mango opening, followed by jasmine and the notes of raspberry and violet tempered by the spicy green, vegetal tang of tomato leaf makes me say “Snow? What snow?”
L’Eau Chic – Parfums de Nicolaï
Green geranium, aromatic lavender, sandalwood and then sweet Roman chamomile which gives it a slight fruitiness and iris rounds it out with a floral note. There’s some heat from spices, then animalic white musk at the base adds a lot of  ‘ooh-la-la’, and takes the frump out of winter.
Violet Empire -  CB I Hate Perfume
Violets in a bed of green grasses, green violet leaves crushed underfoot, an aura of fresh mint, damp resinous woods, leather.  A moment in time in the woods - fresh, earthy, ever so slightly sweet, deep purple, shining green – the smell of early spring, so evocative of beautiful renewal. Smelling this makes winter just a bad dream!
Jour d’Hèrmes – Hèrmes
Radiant at first, with citrus and rhubarb at the top, but then it becomes so light and airy, a diffused floral accord that’s a kaleidoscope of different notes.  Rose, violet, lily of the valley gardenia, hyacinth, orange blossom, weave in and out on the air, mixed with hints of green from leaves, and cut stems. Deceptively simple, decidedly complex, with an arresting sillage - iIt’s a big beautiful spring bouquet, just in from the garden!

Price: $14.00