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After My Own Heart - The Story of Gwen the lilac lover (Monday, May 9th New Fragrance Listing)

Photo - Wikipedia - Lilac in flower, Manchester, England by Anthony Appleyard

With apologies to Munro Leaf, author of “Ferdinand the Bull”....

Once upon a time there was a perfumista and her name was Gwen. In springtime, all the other perfumistas she knew would sniff and smell and get together, but not Gwen.  She liked to just sit quietly by herself and smell the lilac.
She had a favorite spot out in the backyard under a lilac tree. It was her favourite tree and she would sit in its shade all day and smell its flowers.
Her BFF, who was also a perfumista, woud ask her - "Why don't you come out and sniff and smell with the other perfumistas?". But Gwen would shake her head. "Lilacs bloom for such a short time so I like it better here where I can just sit quietly and smell the lilac."
Kay was worried. She knew that soon the lilacs would be gone and that Gwen would be sad and that she would miss sitting quietly smelling the lilac.
One day Kay brought Gwen a gift -  a perfume sample. “Here, smell this” she said. Gwen pulled the stopper out of the glass vial, put her nose to it and took in a deep breath. Her eyes went wide.
“Lilac!” she happily declared.
“Yes - and no” said Kay. “It smells like lilac, but it’s After My Own Heart by Ineke”.
“It’s perfect! A beautiful soliflore!” said Gwen. “The fresh opening of green bergamot with fruity, tart raspberry to round out its citrus tang leads right to the heart, where it’s all about the lilac with sandalwood, with heliotrope and musk contributing a soft, slightly soapy, powdery finish. Wow, I don’t get layers so much as I get the total experience of lilacs – the leaves, the flower and the stems. So romantic, so evocative. I have to get a bottle!”

And so she did.
And from then on, she didn’t have to sit under a lilac tree alone. She could bring lilacs with her whenever she went, smell them  whenever she wanted.
She was happy to have After My Own Heart, and lucky to have a BFF like Kay.

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