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Ambre Précieux

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Ambre Précieux was considered the bench mark amber when it was launched in 1988 by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier. It has changed over the years, but it still clutches my heart every time I smell it. When finally, I succumbed and bought a bottle, it turned out to be one of the smartest perfume purchases I have ever made.

Amber is a favourite note of mine and fragrances that feature it - Alambar, Ambre Russe, Ambre Fétiche, Ambre Sultan, Ambre Précieux - move to the front of the line especially in the early autumn. I just want to rake ‘em all up into a pile like fallen leaves and roll around in ‘em.

In a line-up of outstanding amber frags, Ambre Précieux is a stand out. It opens with bitter myrhh, strong and medicinal softened with lavender. Then the amber, sweet, dark and rich appears. The lavender stands up to the amber, tempering its heft. As the lavender fades, the amber’s sweetness starts to come forward, just at this juncture Ambre Précieux then gets achingly smoky and animalic so that the sweetness is reined in just enough as nutmeg adds a note of spicy warmth. A woody base of balsam is the perfect complement to the amber while a note of vanilla softens it all making it gorgeous to wear and to smell.

Amber is present throughout the development of Ambre Précieux and truth is, it doesn’t evolve much. It’s the herbal, resinous, woody notes that modify and manipulate it do that it has a rich, herbal, smoky drydown.

Ambre Précieux is the first frag I bought from Maître Parfumeur et Gantier – the first of many, I’m sure. It’s definitely a fall must-wear frag. Hey, I think fall is turning out to be my favourite season. Nah – that’s just the amber talking. I’m a winter baby through and through and besides you can wear Ambre Précieux in any season.

Notes: myrhh, lavender, amber, resin, ambergris, nutmeg, vanilla, peru balsam, tolu

Type: EdT

Parfumeur: Jean-Francois Laporte

Price: $6.00