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Ananas Fizz – Ahhh...Tart shimmery fizzy delicousness – June 15, 2012 New Fragrance Listing

Photo - Wikipedia - Unripe Pineapple - Whaldener Endo - January 2009

I had to get tough with one of my frags on the weekend. I’d worn Ananas Fizz a few times since buying the bottle, and it just wouldn’t behave on my skin. The scent was thin and tentative, holding back, refusing to develop, and then after an hour it would disappear completely.  I was not happy - frags always perform for me, but this one was defying me, challenging me – I was frustrated.  So in a moment of pique, I grab the bottle, flip off the lid, and furiously pump eight humungous spritzs onto my arms, wrists, and neck – I'm dripping in juice. All right, I say - just try and disappear now.

Well, guess what? My take-charge attitude starts a miracle because Ananas Fizz leaps out in full bloom, finally revealing its shimmering delicate beauty.  As the top notes rise, I inhale a delicious mix of tangy fizzy citrus – lemon, bitter orange, pink grapefruit - and pineapple, but this is a whole perfect unripe pineapple with spiky leaves, smelling green and only slightly sweet, instead of juicy sweet ripened yellow pineapple chunks. After a few minutes the tart citrus-pineapple accord has interesting hints of resinous cedar wood and coconut, and this new accord transports me to a breezy tropical seashore stroll among the coconut palms.

When Ananas Fizz settles into the dry-down, the acidic tartness starts to subside, and the coconut and pineapple notes become more blended, milky soft but not sweet, mixing with the still fizzy citrus.  I think I can detect a drop of rum or two at this point, or is it vanilla, which adds some darker richness. In the base, the cedarwood is more powdery and notes of green vetiver float through, alternating with wisps of the pineapple. The overall effect is a light green floating scent with just a hint of sweetness, perfect for hot hot summer days when the air hangs heavy.

Ananas (Pineapple) Fizz was created by Ann Flipo, and introduced in 2004 by L’Artisan Parfumeurs as one of their annual Summer Limited Editions, which were packaged in whimsical bottles – this one with a green pineapple cap. It eventually made its way into the regular L’Artisan lineup in a regular bottle, but it’s now discontinued. Such a shame, because this is a truly unique fragrance - I can’t think of another perfume that smells like Ananas Fizz.

From the name, you’d expect Ananas Fizz  to be a sweet gourmand, but Ann Flipo has used a green pineapple note to great effect, keeping it subdued with the emphasis on the citrus/woody fizz, rather than sweet ananas.  The coconut, vanilla and vetiver add a milky richness but this scent wears as a light fragrance, with light sillage, and when applied liberally, it stays with me happily for several hours. 

Now that I've experienced its subtle charm, I know I’ll be wearing this frag often as the summer amps up, so I plan to keep my bottle in my bag to douse my arms and neck whenever I need another feast of its fizzy shimmery deliciousness.
So this is the secret to unlocking the beauty of Ananas Fizz - spritz liberally, and spritz often. Damn the expense! I’m already nosing around for a back-up bottle, before it disappears from the perfume universe. It’s that special.

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