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Anné Pliska EdP

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Very little about this gorgeous fragrance has changed since it was launched by Anné Pliska Parfums in 1987.

Anné Pliska EdP opens with a note of clean citrusy bergamot and sweet, resinous, warm amber. The bitterness of the bergamot counters the opulent sweetness of the amber, allowing it to weave in and out of the fragrance as it develops. Skin heat opens it up and a note of dark, earthy patchouli adds its own sweetness. I smell rose here, but it’s geranium, which has an aspect of rose and a citrus facet that tempers the sweetness at the heart without dampening the resiny richness. At the base musk makes it smooth and sensuous while vanilla gives it a lick of creamy sweetness.

The drydown is rich, dark, resiny and sweetened just right so that it smells chic, confident and sexy – no wonder it’s a cult favourite! It’s a stunning fragrance any time of the year, but a must-wear in the cooler weather.

Notes: bergamot, amber, patchouli, geranium, musk, vanilla.

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Jimmy Bell

Price: $5.00