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Launched in 2014 by UK indie fragrance house Papillon Artisan Perfumer, Anubis was named for a god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion. Nose Liz Moores was inspired by the materials used in mummification and her love of dark, leathery scents.

Anubis opens with potent notes of smoke and leather that pull me right in as it gets thick and tarry and mouthwateringly bitter – I smell myrrh. A few delicious seconds later, and a note of indolic jasmine blooms and weaves through the smoke adding an animalic depth to Anubis, but giving it a sweetness too making it sexy, carnal and wanton. A floral note of lotus gives it an ethereal quality that counteracts the darkness, and stops it from going over the edge (yes, that would be a bad thing). Then, immortelle appears and adds a spicy warmth to it while musk smooths it so becomes warm suede. It sits like gently glowing embers on a base of deep resinous, leathery, woody labdanum, frankincense and sandalwood – my holy trinity – tempered with a note of leathery, earthy saffron.

This is one of the most realistic leather scents I have ever smelled  - definitely a neighbour of Knize Ten – and while Anubis has swagger, it also has a lot of charm which makes it more open to being worn by a woman.

I sure wouldn’t mind being swathed in this EdP for eternity in the afterlife, but until then, I’ll be wearing Anubis A LOT, especially in the cool/cold weather of fall and winter, just to keep things lively.

Notes: smoke, leather, jasmine, myrrh, lotus, musk, suede, frankincense, sandalwood, and labdanum and saffron

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Liz Moores

Price: $5.00