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The Art and Olfaction Awards Pack


The Art and Olfaction Awards celebrate creativity, innovation and excellence in global independent and artisan perfumery. There are three categories: Artisan perfumes, Independent perfume, and Experimental Work with Scent. Submissions are open to the public, and are judged blindly by an international panel in two phases. Preliminary judges decide the finalists, and finalist judges decide the winners.

 The Art and Olfaction Awards Pack –  3 - 1 ml. decants for $15.00

 Eau de Céleri by Monsillage – 2015 Art and Olfaction Award Winner - Artisan Category

I’ve always been a big fan of nose Isabelle Michaud and Eau de Céleri is one of the reasons why. It opens crisp and green from coriander leaf, galbanum and cut grass with a citrus vibrancy from bergamot, lemon and grapefruit. It’s fresh, bright and herbal – like celery. There actually isn’t any celery in the fragrance. As it blooms, a heart of floral buds comes forward adding a beautiful floral quality to the fragrance so that it doesn’t smell like a vegetable – it smells gorgeous. On me, there are whiffs of anise that break through that adds a perfect sweetness. Citrusy, verdant vetiver is at the base, right alongside sweet, dark patchouli. These two give it an earthiness and a woodiness that is accented with cedarwood. The dry-down is vibrant, elegant and light with that celery effect lingering for hours – and it’s perfect for men and women.

Miyako by Auphorie - 2016 Art and Olfaction Award winner, Artisan Category

This marvelous perfume extrait hit an emotional chord with perfume lovers - Luca Turin says it’s “just drop-dead wonderful” and that it’s the fragrance that “started me blogging again.”. Miyako is about osmanthus, an Asian flower that has a delicate but complex sweet scent, very fragrant with a peach or apricot top note that’s juicy and succulent, with creamy overtones, and leathery undertones. Miyako opens with a fruity, sweet, lusty accord of ripe peach and sun-warmed apricot, spiked with bitter acidy citrus from yuzu (Japanese lemon) which gives a yin and yang sensation to the first few minutes. The apricot note becomes deeper and creamy and slowly blooms into pure sweet osmanthus paired with a lovely green tea aspect. In the heart, the leather note develops, a fruity sweet leather accord that’s heavenly, opulent and fascinatingly complex. In the base, the leather note wanes replaced by precious wood notes - aromatic hinoki and sandalwood create a resinous airiness, patchouli adds an earthy powdery layer to the osmanthus, and musk and sweet katsura leaf make the dry-down silky smooth.  Osmanthus is in the “big” perfume note category, like rose or jasmine, and Miyako tells its story from top to bottom like no other. Twin brother perfumers Eugene and Emyrs Au have amplified each aspect of the fruity-leathery osmanthus to absolute perfection, and created a truly beautiful and powerful fragrance that is pure pleasure to wear. Miyako lasts on skin for 10-12 hours, with a low waft perfectly suited for any perfume lover.

Bat by Zoologist Perfumes – 2016 Art and Olfaction Awards Winner, Independent Category.

Bat is the second win for perfumer Ellen Covey – and is so well-deserved! The top notes on the Zoologist website are listed as banana, soft fruits and damp earth and that’s exactly what you get at the opening. In fact, I can smell each note listed for this fragrance. The surprise is how beautiful it all smells. The fruits and their sweetness are muted, maybe because the fruits preferred by bats are fleshy and sweet, and not particularly strong smelling, and the damp earth smell is soft and true. As it blooms, there is a note of green, another dose of tropical fruits and then the myrrh – dark and resinous – anchors the fruits against the tang of mineral notes. This trip to darker depths is gorgeous and enhanced by the smell of vegetal roots. At the base, Bat gets animalic from the furry musk that butts up against notes of leather and vetiver that keep my nose to my wrist. Rich, woody sandalwood adds another facet of depth while tonka adds a warm, vanilla-like sweetness that counterbalances the darkness beautifully. The drydown is aromatic, rich and elegant, and it’s a true unisex fragrance.


Price: $15.00