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Bad news, good news….

Poor Esther has hurt her back and is unable to post today.

We wish her a very speedy recovery!

And, to take the sting out of missing one of her great, newsy posts, we are having a draw for four 2ml. samples of scents from Les Parfums de Rosine!

Glam Rose - GLAM ROSE takes centre stage with a main rose and violet accord.

Rose Kashmirie - A combination of rose and saffron. It is a velvety perfume, a perfume for the skin, with a long and soft wake of gold and silk.

Roseberry - Beautifully balanced tonic green start with floral notes.
Secrets de Rose - An unusual accord, where the rose is sublimated by the labdanum.

As lovers of rose-based scents this is one of our favourite lines and really, really hard to find outside of France.

Anyone not familiar with the fragrances can read more about them here.

So, use the go to the ‘Contact Us’ tab and write us an email with ‘Roses’ in the subject line and tell us you want the samples, include your contact information and we will have a draw on October 20th and announce the winner on October 21st.

Good luck!
Gwen and Kay