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You’ve likely never heard of Bakir, because it wasn’t a huge seller by a big brand, but it was an exceptional woody Oriental from Germaine Monteil that I wore with passion in the mid-70’s, with crocheted shawls, bell-bottom jeans, and headscarves made from bright Indian silk. You get the picture.

It just disappeared from the shelves after a few years, so I never replaced my original bottle of Bakir.  I now have a bottle of the new Bakir, made by Irma Shorell Long Lost Perfumes, and according to their website, it is the original formula.

Bakir is a HUGE Oriental. By huge, I mean that this scent is full, rich, colourful, layered, exotic, opulent, and deeply satisfying.

The top notes are citrus orange, spiced with nutmeg and pimento, rounded with a hint of tart raspberry so that first impressions are bright and juicy, and within a few seconds they shift into a slightly greener feel with the addition of galbanum. Sweetening over the next few minutes with labdanum and orange flower, Bakir moves into the heart of velvety florals – heliotrope, rose, jasmine, ylang - their power balanced by herbal lavender and musty geranium. And clove – there is a clove note which, when combined with the rose, is just stunning, and builds a little fire in the heart of Bakir.

Whe the basenotes start to rise, then Bakir comes into itself – darker, and much more exotic and Oriental-ish. Myrhh, amber, and smoky benzoin blend into a smooth rich incense note, like red glowing embers, but with a slight resinous undertone from green oakmoss and earthy patchouli to keep the smokiness really interesting. Then sandalwood and musk twist together into a sensual woody accord that wafts gently with the incense and spiced florals.
They’re all there, right to the end, a palette of notes that weave together into an opulent, colourful, gorgeous scent. 
Notes: bergamot, frankincense, nutmeg, pimento, raspberry, galbanum, ciste-labdanum, pettitgrain and orange flower, clove, cinnamon, heliotrope, geranium, lavender, jasmine, rose, patchouli oak moss, vanilla, cedar, sandalwood and musk
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Unknown

Price: $4.00