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Barry Lyndon - SOLD OUT


Maria Candida Gentile makes perfumes in the classical manner but with a very modern touch. She is the first Italian woman in thirty years to receive the title Maître Parfumeur from the Perfume Institute in Grasse, France. She is a natural perfumer, and uses only natural essences in her creations.

Poetic is the perfect word to describe the feeling I have when I wear the scent she introduced in 2010 called Barry Lyndon. Barry Lyndon is a 1975 film by Stanley Kubrick, based on the novel by Thackery published in 1844, a swashbuckling romance novel which tells the story of the rags –to-riches hero from his birth to death.

What do I expect to smell when I first sniff Barry Lyndon - something bold and resinous?  Dark and leathery?  Whatever it is, I‘m totally unprepared for what I do smell.  The first spritz on my skin smells of bright resinous lavender, slightly anisic from the artemesia, or wormwood, with just a hint of its sweet licorice note which fades in and out (read about Absolument Absinthe). Then other herbal notes swirl into the mix – arnica and heather, which has a sweetish musty green smell – and the whole effect is one of the outdoors in misty rain.  It’s soft and hazy feeling, and I want to take in big lungfuls of this wonderfully alive smell.

After fifteen minutes or so, I can detect the leather from the heart, and it’s the smell of polished leather and horsehair. The romantic facet of Barry Lyndon is starting to develop, and when the green rooty vetiver and smoky vanilla arrive the scene is complete. This unusually beautiful scent lifts me up and drops me into another world. I smell it and see it at the same time – haystacks, cows, purple blooms, green, smoke rising from low cottages, wet stones, horse, man, white mist settling on low fields. It’s so real, yet it’s just a perfume.

Notes: aromatic herbs, lavender, artemesia, arnica, heather, leather, vetiver, vanilla.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur ; Maria Candida Gentile

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