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Black Play – Black is best – November 2, 2012 New Fragrance Listing


Photo - Wikipedia - Black Cat "Lillith"

Three years ago I realized that gravity was playin’ with me – the bod was beginning to sag in strategic places, and looking, well, frankly….used. Plus, I didn’t feel good. Weight wasn’t an issue, strength was, so I started exercising, seriously exercising, a regular routine with the help of a very smart trainer, and now I feel and look the best I ever have since I started referring to myself as a grownup a long time ago.

I’m back to my favourites – jeans and tees – but cool jeans and cool tees. Universal, unisex, understated and always understood. Comme des Garçons was one of the originators of this iconic garb and the CdG vibe works for any age if you can fit into the jeans. I have jeans in a bunch of colours - some bright, like blue, green, orange, and red - some dark, like black, blacker, and blackest. I like black jeans. Dress 'em down, dress 'em up, they can go anywhere and do anything. I own some denim jeans but… black is best. 

I’ve decided that Black is best in the Comme des Garçons Play series, too. The CdG Play frags, an extension of their “Play” clothing line, were created by Antoine Maisondieu of Etat Libre d’Orange and launched earlier this year. I love CdG frags – the spicy CdG EdP Original was one of my first niche addictions – and the Play series is the first release under the CdG brand in a while, so I ordered samples of Red Play, Green Play and Black Play, and gave each them a thorough “play” test in jeans and tees. I decided that Black was the winner, so I now have a bottle with the quirky black heart-face sitting on my desk, staring at me with its slightly crossed-eyes, looking like a black cat musing on its next crazed plot to get my attention. All it needs is a long tail to flick. It makes me laugh.

Photo - - Comme des Garçons Play logo

The playful idea behind the series is that each frag smells like its colour, which is the colour of its notes. Red Play is fruity and peppery – red cherries, cinnamon, and hot peppers; Green Play is minty and herbal – lime, mint and basil ; Black Play is peppery and smoky – black pepper, black tea, and birch tar…and pepperwood, red pepper, violet, thyme, black tea, birch tar, incense, tree moss. The Red and Green are fun and interesting, the Black is fun and really intriguing.

Black Play definitely starts with black , black pepper, a cloud of aromatic nose-tingling pepper hovering over dense smoke. It’s the birch tar, which develops the merest hint of something strange, almost like salty sticky licorice, or oily metal, or city road repairs in the summer, and it makes me immediately think of the scent of Comme des Garçons Tar by Bertrand Duchaufour. This is definitely a CdG frag – there’s always one thing that reinforces the brand’s off-kilter design aesthetic – and I’m happy that it’s there.

Then the smoke clears a little, is less opaque. Deep violet and black tea keep it in the dark mode, but the scent becomes more powdery and dusty, turning into a cool incense with herbal facets in the heart, eventually sliding into a lovely mossy dry-down. It smells cool, in all meanings of cool.

Black Play really does play with my senses, starting with the peppery thick smoky cloud, and then morphing into an urban incense scent with the smell of the city in its core. It’s the perfect modern incense frag for guys, and for girls who like to play with guys.

Black Play smells, well….cool, and black. And black is best.

Today, we’re adding Comme des Garçons Black Play to our decant listing. Decants are $4.00.