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Brussels Sprouted - Sit back, relax and smell good – April 19, 2013 New fragrance Listing

Photo - Wikipedia - Brussel Sprouts - Eric Hunt, October 2006

I loved the wacky name, I love the Smell Bent line, so I bought Brussels Sprouted. I love Brussel sprouts, too, the taste, the vibrant green colour, the almost crunchy texture with the slight bitter taste that is tastebud nirvana when dressed with melted butter and smoked sea salt. This unique indie scent doesn’t smell anything like cooked sprouts, though. It smells deliciously green.

Because it’s green, I’ve been waiting for the perfect spring day to write about Brussels Sprouted. Today is warm and damp, the air smells earthy, I can almost hear the green shoots growing in the flower beds. Just after visiting Wiki to refresh my memory about Belgium, Bruges, Brussels, and Brussel sprouts, an order comes in. It’s from someone in Brussels. I’ll take this as a sign – it seems I’ve picked the right day.

Brussels Sprouted is part of the Leisure Cruise range of scents at Smell Bent, the niche perfume company based in Los Angeles. Brent Leonisio, the creative force and the self-proclaimed Chairman of Good Smells, says.…” we try to come up with super fun fragrances that will delight your nose and your funny bone…we think that perfume should be fun and shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg…we know life can be hard, but it shouldn’t have to smell bad…we hand blend our fragrances using the world’s finest ingredients, but you wouldn’t guess it from our prices…all you have to do is sit back, relax and smell good.”

So right at this moment I’m sitting back, relaxing and smelling really good, because I just spritzed myself with Brussels Sprouted. The notes are listed as “sprouted greens, himalayan cedar, and deep green musk growing in fresh, wet earth, inspired by the ancient Charcoal forest…” Right out of the bottle I have a clear image of green green sprouts in the damp earth at the base of towering cedars. It’s a fresh wet smell with a sharp resinous edge, almost spearminty, but intensely green, which soon mixes with the sweetness of cedar boughs and decomposing earth into a fragrant accord of green wet forest. Did I say this smells green? Green and foresty.

As Brussels Sprouted dries down, the green forest accord becomes warm and woody in the heart, with hints of dry patchouli and cedar bark, and then the musk base notes lighten and soften the EdT into a sensual warm skin scent. I pick up the merest hints of caramel or bitter chocolate as the base develops, which gives the musk an intriguing vibe. Perfectly suited for men and women’s skin and sensibilities, Brussels Sprouted never veers into sweetness, or smells perfumey, and it still smells really good after 5-6 hours. Warm and softly aromatic.

Photo - Wikipedia - Beech trees in Sonian Forest, Donarreiskoffer, 2007

There is in fact, a large, ancient, forest called the Sonian forest that lies across the south-eastern part of the city of Brussels – see photo above. Composed of mainly beech and oak trees, 22,000 of which Napolean ordered cut down to build the Boulogne flotilla intended for his invasion of England, the forest is part of the scattered remains of the ancient Silva Carbonaria or Charcoal Forest. The forest served for a long period as an exclusive hunting ground for the nobility, but today is open to the general public. (source: Wikipedia).

I don’t know if Brussel sprouts grow there, I don’t know if Brent Leonisio has visited the Charcoal Forest, and this perfume is his scent memory of that experience. What I do know is that Brussels Sprouted is perfect for a spring day, totally “delights my nose and my funny bone”, and it smells really good.

Brussels Sprouted tis listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.