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Canyon Dreams – Dreaming of California - January 15, 2016

Image - Keiko Mecheri Bespoke Collection - MiN New York

California has a distinct scent, at least in the places I’ve visited, and I‘ve travelled all through the Pacific state many times. It’s a light citrusy woody accord, slightly sweet, especially in the early mornings, slightly salty if you’re near the coast, more herbal in the desert. Sometimes it’s an idea more than an actual smell, but for me it’s always there, and I love it.

Canyon Dreams has that same California smell, the smell of clear blue sky, warm sun on citrus, and wind in the pines and eucalyptus. Launched in 2012 as one of the seven scents in California perfumer Keiko Mecheri’s Bespoke Collection, this fragrance for women and men is described as a spicy Oriental, which is like describing Chris Hemsworth as a tall Australian.

Canyon Dreams is a warm and sunny sunrise opening with sweet tangerine and tart bergamot which deepens from juice to zest, leaves and dust from citrus orchards adding some green earthiness. The feeling is light and airy as Canyon Dreams moves into the heart of creamy powdery sandalwood and spicy peppery rose – the soft floral accord wafts on the noonday breeze, trailed by hints of citrus.  

Oud and patchouli emerge in the base but with a genius light touch, blending with the heart notes into a serene incense-like accord to welcome the sunset. Then its night in the desert, the scents of sage and smoke and vanilla intertwine with soft spiced florals, and Canyon Dreams floats me away into infinity…...

Canyon Dreams is dreamy. Lighter and less resinous than Andy Tauer’s L’Air du desert marocain, it seems to float rather than sit on skin, but its mellow waft lasts for hours, and smells just wonderful. Despite its lightness, it has a delicious sensuous depth that I crave, especially in this cooler weather. Keiko Mecheri has said that she uses the combination of sandalwood and oud, without its usual medicinal aspect, throughout the Bespoke Collection - see my post about Soussanne. She says “I follow my own intuition of what defines a fragrance, however, my fragrances must smell great and must be wearable”.

Canyon Dreams – dreams of canyons, dreams in canyons, I’m dreaming of California. I can smell it the air, and it smells great!

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