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Carnal Flower

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Launched in 2005, Carnal Flower is one of the ‘tuberose trinity’, along with Fracas and Tubéreuse Criminelle.

Tuberose is an intriguing plant. It grows in hot climates, its white flowers used in weddings in India and for leis in Hawaii, but this night blooming plant has a different personality at night when it releases its fleshy, luscious, seductive scent.

Carnal Flower expresses both sides of the tuberose beautifully. It opens green and herbaceous, the smell of leaves and stems, along with bergamot which gives it a citrus sparkle and melon which adds a hint fruity sweetness. Eucalyptus gives it a slight camphor note that transitions the scent to the heart where tuberose, fleshy, almost meaty, full and exotic appears. It blooms beautifully – especially on warm skin - opening up more and more, getting deeper and deeper. Ylang-ylang and jasmine highlight the floral aspect of the tuberose. At the base the tuberose level is turned up another notch with tuberose absolute while orange blossom adds sweetness and a light citrus touch. Exotic coconut is here too, giving it a rich creaminess. Musk gives it an animalic note and smoothes everything out so it is never loud or harsh.

Tuberose is the star here and shines throughout with everything else supporting it, extending it. Carnal Flower won’t blow the hair back off your face, but be warned, it is a powerful seducer.

Notes: bergamot, melon, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, jasmine, tuberose, tuberose absolute, orange blossom absolute, coconut and musk.

Type: EDP

Parfumeurs: Dominique Ropion

Price: $11.00