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Casmir - You'll beg for more - February 1, 2013 New Fragrance Listing

Photo - Wikipedia - Lady riding a champagne cork - Lordprice collection 1915

A strange, interesting, dissonant Oriental.

That’s how Luca Turin describes Casmir, a 1992 Chopard fragrance to which he awards 4 of his perfume stars. He also says that Casmir has to be worn by the right person to work properly, because “the contrast between the peachy, lactonic top notes, the slightly flat mimosa floral heart and the woody animalic drydown will be perceived as nauseating by some and attractive by others.” Perfumes, The A-Z Guide, p. 164

Funny, but I’ve never thought of Casmir as nauseating. In fact, my perception is quite the opposite. I’ve always loved its over-the-top, one dab-will-do-ya Oriental vibe, and I think that after twenty years, it still stands out as a brilliant example of its genre. The notes listed by Fragrantica are peach, apricot, black currant, raspberry, mandarin, carnation, cinnamon, vanilla, tonka bean, benzoin, opoponax (notice that no mimosa is listed?)

I honestly cannot pull out the fruits when I sniff the top notes – no peaches, no apricots or raspberries – but there is a slightly tart fruity accord that’s subtle and natural, and short-lived.  This is a far cry from a fruit-monster celeb frag, so don’t let the listed fruit notes put you off. Much more than fruit, I get an amber-floral sensation which starts to spice up with cinnamon from the carnation, then falls into the gourmand heart of Casmir – dark rich vanilla tinged with spices and resins. I want to eat it, and wash it down with endless flutes of dry cold expensive champagne! Veuve Cliquot would be nice…..

The real magic of Casmir is the base. Casmir takes on an exotic Koublai Khan-ish vibe – sexy, sweet, dark, animalic, lush – from the balsamic honeyed resins of opoponax, the smoky vanilla benzoin oil, and bittersweet almondy tonka bean. Mix them them all together in the vanilla heart, through the brilliance of Michel Almairac, the nose who created Casmir, as well as classics like Gucci Rush, Voleur de Roses, and most recently the gorgeous Bottega Veneta, and you have a frag that will keep you begging for more.

Try Casmir. Find out if you're the right person.

Today, we’re adding Casmir to our decant offering. Decants are $4.00.