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Christmas Gift Packs Part 1 - Tired of giving them chocolates, candles or poinsettia plants?


The Scene: The Hot New Agency, North Pole

The People: Whizkid Marketing Guru, Kay, and Gwen

WMG:         You know, you should do special sample gift packs for Christmas.

Gwen:         Sounds BORING!

WMG:         You know, our extensive, and expensive, research shows that more people buy more stuff at Christmas if it has a seasonal theme.

Kay:             Like what?

WMG:         You know, The Naughty Pack, The Nice Pack, The “Santa Baby” Pack.....

Gwen:         How old are you?

Kay:             Are you kidding?  Those names are so cliché.

WMG:         You know, a lot about Christmas is a cliché.

Gwen:         You know, he has a point.

Kay:             You know, he’s right.

Gwen:          But there’s nothing cliché about! We're not mainstream perfume pushers – we’re all about the experience.

Kay:             So we’ll do it the way, and make sample packs that are NOT cliché. We’ll make the perfect, unique “little gift” solution! 

Gwen:         You’re so smart. Hey, does he look like Don Draper to you?

Kay:             More like Don’s draper. Let’s get out of here! We’ve got gift packs to put together - it’s almost Christmas!

WMG:            But, wait! I have more ideas.......

Sometimes you just have to get stuff done............Got people on your Christmas list you want to be nice to? A Secret Santa at the office? A hostess? Tired of giving them chocolates, candles or poinsettia plants? Then why not introduce them to something new?

We’ve searched the archives, the perfume caves and put our heads together to come up with some exciting Christmas Gift Packs!

Each pack contains three great seasonal scents for $10.50 + shipping, a little price for a unique gift that will make someone very merry…....and will make your gift-giving easy and so scentsible!

Check in next Wednesday for Part ll - we'll be adding 4 new Gift Packs!

"Scents of Adventure" Gift Pack:
Monacle Scent One: Hinoki – Comme des Garçons    Inspired by a soak in an open-air wooden bath in Kyoto, this scent was designed to capture the smells, the mood, the zen of that experience - cypress, cedar and pine come forward, then thyme, then Frankencense, adding warmth to the wood.  It is cool and rich in its lightness.

New Haarlem– Bond No. 9    The smell of delicious roasted New York coffee on a lazy winter morning, mixed with lavender, patchouli, cedarwood – tantalizingly addictive.

Aoud Cuir d’Arabie – Montale     It opens with leather, sweet tobacco and oud, the exotic wood note of the Middle East, but Montale’s signature earthy rose note appears and adds a gentle floral presence. A sexy  intimate scent, a must have for cold weather.

"Scents of Pleasure (His)" Gift Pack:
Bois d’Orages (French Lover) – Frederic Malle    It starts out sharp and dry, then evolves into a mysterious woody dry-down with a hint of amber, which keeps your nose in his neck! Masculine perfection.

Lonestar Memories – Tauer Perfumes    Andy Tauer’s homage to the American cowboy - the smell of a campfire, of worn leather gloves and saddles smoothed and rounded by notes of jasmine, myrhh and earthy vetiver. Sandalwood makes the dry down luxurious and full. A movie in a bottle.

Sables – Annick Goutal    Sables , with the unique “maple syrup and curry” note of immortelle flower, is perfectly balanced with pepper for heat and dryness, vanilla to highlight its sweetness, and sandalwood, which adds a rich woodiness, resulting in an harmonious boozy, spicy, exotic, warm fragrance.

"Scents of Pleasure (Hers)" Gift Pack:
Après l’Ondée – Guerlain    Evoking a stroll through dewy underbrush, it opens with pale almondy violet notes, and then becomes more haunting as the iris note starts to emerge. Aniseed and carnation, then herbs - thyme, rosemary and sage round out this heavenly and very discrete fragrance.

Maharanih  - Patricia de Nicolai  A crisp orange is the top note, which then changes into a wonderfully elegant and soft mix of rose and incense, but still with a dry, not sweet, orange backdrop. Very sophisticated, and very feminine.

Tocade – Rochas    A luscious floral Oriental with a brilliant heart of rose and vanilla notes - you have to smile and feel happy when you wear Tocade.

"Scents of Season" Gift Pack:
Winter Delice – Guerlain     The scent of pine and balsam fir is fresh and sharp at first, then this fragrance develops perfectly - smokey  incense, brown sugar and vanilla transform Winter Delice into a warm enveloping scent.

Nuit de Noël – Caron     The smell of chestnuts, meant to evoke the smell of the traditional Christmas Night - white floral top notes, heart notes of green violet, earthy tuberose and iris settle on the warm woody herbal base..... "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose........"

Orange Star – Tauer Perfumes   Rich, full, tart and lusty orange, with a bridge into the floral heart amplified with a hint of dark vanilla - Tauer’s signature basenotes of woods, incense and amber take it out of the garden and into the woods. Stunning!
Photo - Wikipedia - Poinsettias


Great idea!!

What a terrific idea! And a great little stocking stuffer for both perfumistas and beginners - or even people who have never thought much about fragrance.

And I know you gals have organized them in His & Hers to please the Whizkid Marketing Guru, but for any new visitors, the Boy paks are all awesome frags for gals too!

One man's scent that I tried recently in Chicago is Derby by Guerlain - wow! What a knockout. It is at the top of my Christmas Wishlist.

gift packs

Oooooh. I love this idea. Great treats for girlfriends (and maybe me!). Can't wait to hear what the other sets are.

Re: gift packs

Glad you think it's a good idea. We've found that our friends and clients love 'em. They're orignal, different and really get people to think about scent. Someone we know was unsure about giving a sample pack to a colleague cause she wasn't sure what they would like. I can understand that, but really the point of a gift pack is to allow someone to experience and experiment and learn more about themselves - now that's a gift!

Yeah, more gift packs on Wednesday. That Whizkid Marketing Guru sure keeps us hopping!