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Civic Holiday – A blissful midsummer long weekend

It’s midsummer, and a long weekend in Ontario, as well as most provinces across Canada. It’s a time for us northern folk to stop and enjoy our exceptional summer weather, which so far has been hot and humid, or hot and dry, depending on the week, and the forecast is for more of the same.

Our families aren't going to be doing much more than laze on the beach under a big ol' umbrella, or plunk ourselves down by the pool - on the shady side of course - and bliss out with eating, drinking, and swimming, if we can work up the energy.

So no post today, Friday July 29, or Monday August 1, or Wednesday August 3. Check back on Friday August 5 when we’ll have the next story about one of our wonderful niche fragrances.

Enjoy your weekend - it's summertime!