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Classic Opoponax


Launched in 2015 by New York-based niche fragrance line Von Eusersdorff, Classic Opoponax is one of six fragrances in their “Classic” line and just a stunning orient woody EdP built around the sweet, warm and balsamic fragracne of opoponax.
It opens with warm, dark resins, sweetened with amber that threads throughout the fragrance. As it warms on the skin, lush rose and indolic jasmine bloom, adding a gorgeous floral aspect that never dominate but pulses through the resins. As it moves to the base, it the opoponax seems to glow, as the fragrance is deepened by pungent anilmaic, castoreum and darkened by sweet, woody patchouli and made all creamy and smooth by vanilla.
The drydown is smooth, deep, rich, warm and sweet. I just love it.
Notes: rose, jasmine, benzoin, opoponax, patchouli, castoreum, amber and vanilla
Type: EdP
Parfumeuer: Camille Henfling-Von Eusersdorff

Price: $4.00