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Anytime I want a sublime tropical beach experience, Coccobello perfume by James Heeley is the perfect ticket. Launched in 2013, Coccobello opens with a gentle green note from palm leaves along with a note of coconut water - not coco butter, suntan lotion or the sweetened coconut used in baking. It smells tropical, it smells good but when a quiet floral note of indolic gardenia wafts through it, Coccobello soars. Bourbon vanilla - named for its provenance; the tropical islands of Madagascar, Comoros and Réunion and not its alcoholic content – adds a sweet creaminess while an ozonic note gives it a gust of salty sea air. The base is woody and dry from cedarwood and sandalwood, slightly sweetened by the vanilla aspect of benzoin with oak moss rounding out the woody, slightly sweet dimension.
Coccobello thrives on warm skin, but never gets loud or cloying. The drydown is sophisticated and chic – this is a five-star beach vacation on an exclusive tropical island.
Notes: palm leaves, fresh coconut, gardenia, Bourbon Vanilla, sea salt, Virginian cedar, sandalwood, benzoin and oak moss
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: James Heeley


Price: $5.00