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Cote d'Amour

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A walk on the beach at La Baule, according to the L’Artisan Parfumeur website, was the inspiration for Cote d’Amour, a limited edition perfume launched by L’Artisan Parfumeur in 2009, a follow-up to L’Eau de Jatamansi, the first fragrance in L’Artisans line of 100% natural, Eco-certified fragrances. I don’t know if Cote d’Amour smells like the beach at La Baule, but I can tell you that I came close to tears the first time I gave it a sniff because it totally captures the smell of my seashores – the cool-salty-water green-algae dry-rocks-sand-mineral herbal-brown-kelp-driftwood sand-dune-vegetal-floral tidal-pool coastal smell that is hard-wired in my brain.

Cote d’Amour was created by Celine Ellena, of The Different Company (yes, she is Jean-Claude Ellena’s daughter). She uses a simple, under-stated minimalist style with this natural scent, which opens with an aromatic accord which smells to me like sea spray and rain drops on hot sand and rocks. It’s salty and sweet, smells like the mix of humid sea air with dusty-dry sand, and then it starts to take on a powdery-herbal tone.
Into the heart Cote d’Amour sweetens a little – rose with a peppery edge, lavender-like aromatic heather, gorse blossom and broom which have very similar scents – hay-like, green grassy herbal but with a sweet alcoholic edge – combine to form a lovely grassy floral accord, which floats above the salty seashore. The basenotes of cypress, pine and driftwood add richness and a musky note, so that Cote d’Amour ends with the addition of a soft salty-sweet skin note in the final dry-down.

This is a fragrance that can work perfectly on male or female skin, and I’m surprised by the longevity of this natural-based perfume – the sillage is soft but the scent remains for hours. I’ll wear Cote d’Amour in the summer because it smells so fresh, natural, and real. It makes me feel good. I’ll also wear it the rest of the year, for the very same reasons.

Notes: salt flower, green tangerine, pink grapefruit, dune immortal flower, rosemary, cypress, gorse blossom, rose, broom, heather, maritime pine and floated wood.

Type: EdT

Parfumeur: Celine Ellena



Price: $5.00