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Creation-E pour Homme


Called Enigma in the UK and Europe, Creation-E pour Homme by Roja Parfums is deep, dark, and delicious. It opens with a blast of bergamot, backed up with fusty geranium and black pepper– strong and forceful, fresh and alive – which pulls my shoulders and chin back with a snap, and instantly clears my head! This may be too much, too big, too masculine for me but as soon as I think that thought, Creation-E starts to come alive on my skin. A softness is perceived, the scent of gentle heliotrope rolls over the geranium, forming a floral accord soon joined by jasmine and neroli. The sweetness of the white florals is followed by rose mixed with cardamom and ginger, an arresting spicy prelude to the next act.
Into the heart I go, and what a big wonderful warm heart this perfume owns!  Boozy notes, vanilla and cognac – rich herbal notes, tobacco and patchouli – smoky woody notes, benzoin and sandalwood – smooth sensuous notes, ambergris  -  swirl under my nose in waves. I love the tobacco vanilla cognac accord, which is real and rich but not too sweet, perfectly balanced by the smoky herbals, and the salty-skin sensation of the ambergris in the dry-down. The depth of the accords is remarkable, as is their persistence. I normally prefer that scents fade away and disappear after a few hours but with Creation-E I’m thrilled to experience its amazing longevity. Ten hours after a morning spritz it’s still fully alive.
Is this fragrance mysterious and compelling – does it defy expectations as the description on the website promises? Creation-E is definitely “certain and assured”, especially in the opening stages, and it has a potent confidence throughout, but there’s also a gentleness to this scent that’s revealed in the heart and the lingering base notes. The overwhelming sensation for me is one of rich soft spicy sensual radiant warmth. It never is too much - too boozy, or smoky, or woody, and yet those notes form the core of the scent.
The name is Creation-E pour Homme – for Men – but I am most definitely a Woman, and this gorgeous fragrance feels like it was created just for me.  I guess that's why it was named Enigma/Creation-E.
Notes: bergamot, geranium, heliotrope, jasmine, neroli, rose, ambergris, benzoin, black pepper, cardamom, cognac, ginger, sandalwood , patchouli, tobacco, vanilla.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Roja Dove

Price: $8.00