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Cuir Pleine Fleur

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The literal translation “leather full flower” actually means Full Grain Leather, the outer layer of the hide with all the scars and marks, but as Luca Turin points out, the name is also a clever play on the word “fleur” because this fragrance is a floral leather, rare in the perfume world. It was created by James Heeley, a perfumer who Gwen and I really admire.
When visiting his studio, James spritzed me with his bottle of Cuir Pleine Fleur, and I immediately smelled violet, which I love, green woods, sweet mimosa, hay. I said “Oh – floral” but then he said “Wait!” So we talked for another while and when I was allowed to sniff my wrist again, there was the leather heart. But this wasn’t the leather I was expecting – this leather smelled refined and rich.
Mixed in the heart notes, I could identify the violet, floating translucently through the leather and woody birch. Later, in the Metro back to our hotel, I sniffed my wrist and there was Act lll - smoky vetiver mixed with the birch and leather, adding a crisp bright airy elegance to the drydown. And still I smelled the violet, wafting soft purple notes into the vetiver accord.

Cuir Pleine Fleur is refined leather elegance for both men and women, another totally original Goldilocks creation, in three acts, from James Heeley.

Notes: violet leaf, bergamot, mimosa, acacia, hawthorn blossom, aubépine, suede, castoreum, vetiver, birch.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: James Heeley and company

Price: $5.00