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Delicious smells – September 28, 2016

Peppers from Espelette, France -Wikipedia - AOC - 2008-08-05

Walking around our downtown neighbourhood on the weekend, I experienced an olfactory feast. I came back in the house with a powerful appetite. Why? It’s September! The weather is still insanely summery and gorgeous, the perfect time to make roasted peppers, tomato sauce, and jam. In the back yard, on barbecues or portable cookers, with relatives and friends, and lots of beer and wine and food and opinions on how to do it the “right” way.

Added to the delicious sweet spicy aromas floating through the garden fences is the dark-roast scent of espresso wafting from the local Italian café on the Avenue, and the delicious yeastiness of croissants and baguettes just out of the oven from the new French bakery up the street. Now you have the makings for a perfect alfresco brunch.

Here are a few favourite gourmand scents that will give you an idea of the scentscape in our little part of the world. They each feature food notes but truly don’t smell like real food, instead they trigger memories of good times and the pleasurable experience of living with beautiful tastes and scents.

Tomato Leaf by Michael Boadi for Illuminum – green and earthy and freshly floral

Sådanne by Josh Lobb for Slumberhouse – luscious and berry-ripe and boozy

Espelette by Christian Louis for Christian Louis – hot, spicy and peachy

Milano Caffè by Abdes Salaam Attar for – dark and aroma-sensual and Italian

And to re-set your olfactory sensors with a fragrance that really doesn’t smell like anything, a one-note super-light fragrance that comes and goes....

Monoscent G by What We Do is Secret - invisible and sensual and elusive

Click on the links to read the stories about these delicious smells. You might want to order decants and experience the powerful lure of these gourmand scents yourself.