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Diabolo Rose – Make no mistake (October 3, 2011 New Fragrance Listing)

Photo - Wikipedia - "Grasshopper cocktail" by TexasDex, 2008

(Grown-up version of Diabolo Menthe - see below)

 The following is based on actual e-mail correspondence received at  Only the names of correspondents have been changed to protect the innocent.

>Subject: Diablo Rose
>Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2011 15:32:26 -0400

>Hello Gwen,

>I’ve been reading some blogs and have heard people mention a perfume by Les >Parfums des Rosine called Diablo Rose. A lot of people really like it, but I can’t find >out anything about it and would like to try it.

>Do you know where I can get a decant of this fragrance?

>Can you help?



Dear Desperate,

I sure can help – I’ve been down this road sister!

I’ve seen Diablo Rose discussions and nearly went wild trying to track it down.

The reason this frag is so hard to find is because there is no scent named ‘Diablo Rose’. Huh? I know, I know - the scent you are reading about is called Diabolo Rose. The confusion comes from people who have misspelled ‘Diabolo’ turning it into ‘Diablo’, but make no mistake, Diabolo Rose, no matter how you spell it, by Les Parfums des Rosine, is a FBW beauty.

The name Diabolo Rose is a reference to the Parisian drink Diabolo Menthe – the bright green drink favoured by children and made by adding green mint syrup to lemonade. Diabolo Rose was inspired by this drink.

It opens with a full, luscious rose essence, lightened by bergamot and brightened by fresh, green peppermint. The rich rose and cool mint combo is so unique and so perfectly balanced – the mint never gets sweet or medicinal – you just wish it would go on and on, but as it moves to the middle, it gets even better. The rose note at the opening is heightened at the heart by rose absolue, and highlighted by floral notes from lily of the valley and peony. The mint is echoed by the addition of earthy, green tomato leaf. At the base, evergreen maté leaves, peppermint’s best friend, adds an herbal grassiness, while sandalwood adds a soft woodiness. Amber and musk give it an animalic earthiness.

Diabolo Rose is a full, well-rounded beautifully crafted scent that takes rose and makes it fresh and earthy without compromising its lush richness.

I don’t blame you for wanting to try it. I just like to wear it and enjoy it all day long.

Hope this helps,


P.S. As for decants, well, you can get them here because….

Diabolo Rose is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.