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Launched in 2017 by Heretic Parfum, Dirty Ginger, like all the fragrances in this line, is 100% natural, artisanal and unisex.

Nose Douglas Little says that “Dirty Ginger is a great example of nature being seen as modern and provocative. It started off with my love of ginger and wanting to build a fragrance around this spicy rhizome that did not fall into the gourmand category of perfume. So many ginger-centric fragrances lean toward a spicy-holiday chord and I wanted to focus in on the fresh-spicy and green aspects of ginger while developing something that was fun, feisty, bright, optimistic and perfect for warm weather.”

Dirty Ginger opens with a nose-tingling note of spicy black pepper and zesty, floral-scented lime. As the pepper and lime mingle and merge, they’re joined by earthy, spicy cumin. The cumin has a sweaty-smelling facet to it that adds an animalic dimension to the pepper and lime. This is the ‘dirty’ part, now comes the ginger part. Juicy, fleshy, hot and spicy - the ginger here is bracing and exciting. It zings up through the top notes and it is sublime! Shiso leaf, fresh and peppery supports the ginger and highlights its green facet and heightens the raw feistiness of it. A note of clove, warm and sweet, is a perfect counterpoint to the ginger. The perfect prelude to what comes next – earthy, woody, rooty vetiver – here’s the dirtiness that was hinted at by the cumin at the top. Dirty it may be, but it’s not dark or deep. It is more sensual that it is sexual. The base has a lightness to it from Palo Santo wood. Palo Santo, which means ‘Holy Wood’ in Spanish, is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and is related to frankincense, myrrh and copal. It has sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon. It’s that balsamy pine that stands out on me. Lavender-nuanced clary sage gives the fragrance a lovely sophistication.

The drydown is fresh, woody and exciting and sensuous. Everything works together and nothing is out of place.  

Dirty Ginger gives me the impression that there is thoughtful intention in the composition and isn’t that what fine fragrance is really all about?

I think Douglas Little might agree – naturally.
Notes: black pepper, lime, cumin, ginger, shiso leaf, clove, Palo Santo, vetiver clary sage.

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Douglas Little


Price: $7.00