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Eau d'Épices - Cool and dry and woody and perfect - November 12, 2012 New Fragrance Listing

Photo - Wikipedia - Spices in Mapusa Market, Goa, India - judepics

She held up the bottle of Eau d'Épices and said “You’ve got to try this.”

To be honest I just wasn’t in the mood. “Maybe later.” I said. Later came and went. Then, last week a box arrived at my door. In it was a bottle of Eau d'Épices and a note: “You forgot to try it, so I bought some for you”. As I sat looking at the bottle of juice the phone rang.

“Have you tried it yet?”

“Hey, you. How are you? I got the box…”

“Have you tried it yet?”

“Just opened the box and was about…”

“What are you waiting for? The planets to align? Go spritz yourself “

“Hey, that’s uncalled for…” “I said.

"Spritz! Spray on the Eau d'Épices. I’ll wait.”

I did as she told me to. “Eau. My. God. It’s amazing”

“That’s why I’ve been trying to get you to smell it!”

“The way it opens with warm cinnamon bark and anisic cardamom…”

“And then the clove and coriander…”

“Wow! That clove has a medicinal aspect to it that I just love.”

“Yeah, and that gets amplified later on.”

“It smells woody and spicy…Oh my, there is a lovely citrus note here too.”

“It’s from red mandarine. Doesn’t it just temper the spices perfectly?”

“Oh yeah. Makes it subtley spicy and not nearly as pungent as I thought it would be.”

“It gets better. Wait until it blooms.”

“Bloom is the right word for it! The heart is so floral! I smell orange blossom, jasmine and orris root..”

“Just wait. The earthy orris root changes the character of the orange blossom from innocent to sensuous. Combined with that indolic jasmine, I just swoon when I smell it.”

“And with the lingering whiffs of the spices and that medicinal note, delish! I always said Andy Tauer was a genius.”

“And I smell incense. Do you get incense?”

“I get it all right. It’s a dark heart for sure. Hmmm. I think I need to sit down”

“Well, stay seated cause it all rests on a base of woody cistus ladaniferus resin, softened with ambergris, tonka beans and vetiver.”

“Spoken like a true blogger.”

“Nah, I just picked it up off Tauer’s web site. You know, I read somewhere that someone said it smelled like sticking your head in a spice drawer. ”

“Hmmm. For me it’s like sticking your head in a drawer that used to have spices packed in it. It’s not hot or spicy, but cool and dry and woody and perfect.”

“And it makes me happy.”

“Well, shared joy is twice joy…”

“That’s why I sent you a bottle.”

“Well, I am ever glad you did. I’m going to be wearing a lot of this cause it is perfect for the cooler weather. Say, you know that frag you asked me to pick up for you when I was in Paris , well…”

Today, we’re adding Eau d'Épices to our decant listing.Decants are $4.00.