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Eva Kant - Exciting, original and complex - February 23, 2015 New Fragrance Listing

Lately there’s been a lot of discussion on perfume blogs and in the press around the demise of niche fragrances. Kay and I even posted about it. If you are among those who feel that niche frags are dead or dying, then you haven’t smelled Eva Kant from Italian niche line O’Driù.

O’Driù and was launched in 2011 by contemporary artist and self-taught nose Angelo Orazio Pregoni. Born in Milan is 1970, Sig. Pregoni’s art is erotic, intimate, provocative and evocative. For him, perfume is art that is only realised when it is placed on the human body. From then on it lives with the wearer – going about their lives with them.

Sig. Pregoni is a non-conformist, an original with the soul of an artist. This explains the exciting, original and complex nature of Eva Kant EdP.

The fragrance was inspired by a character in the wildly popular Italian pulp fiction comic series Diabolik. Diabolik is a ruthless thief who targets criminals – think Robin Hood. Tall, dark and handsome, he uses masks and disguises to conceal his identity.  Eva Kant is his moll. Portrayed as a young attractive blonde, she, like her partner, is a master of disguise. The stories take place in the a fictional town called Clerville, where in their his-and-hers Jaguar E-type cars, Diabolik and Eva carry out their nefarious deeds and work together to avoid capture by Diabolik’s arch nemesis, Inspector Ginko.

Eva Kant opens with a note of bitter, sharp grapefruit, subdued by pungent lavender – herbal, floral and medicinal. The smell of damp woods smooth it out perfectly. I love the bold confidence of the opening. The medicinal/woody aspects of the top notes are carried through the fragrance by myrrh and sandalwood and warm, fresh, juicy ginger. This is a tease – Eva Kant is disguising her heart by echoing her strong opening until she decides to reveal her inner beauty. On me, the fragrance doesn’t evolve as much as it shifts to creamy magnolia and rich, tropical ylang ylang. These florals are carnal, unctuous and beckoning. They lay upon a carpet woven from warm, sweet chamomile twinning with aromatic, resinous cardamom along with rich vanilla and benzoin.

The drydown isn’t romantic or charming rather, it’s complex with different notes coming forward and receding for hours. It is at times dry or creamy, floral, animalic, woody, camphourous, bitter and/or sweet – an expression of the idea that the fragrance lives with the wearer.

Eva Kant is art as perfume – a true original that is always exciting to wear and experience.

Eva Kant is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $7.00 for 1 ml.