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Exultat - The line-up starts here! April 20, 2012

Photo - Wikipedia - San Lorenzo in Rome - March 2010


I woke up this morning feeling great.

I’m sitting here inhaling deep breaths of Exultat from my just-spritzed wrists, and now I’m feeling even better – joyful even. Esther, our nose on the  ground, got a whiff of this frag last week and noted in her post that she thinks it’s divine, and she’s hoping we’ll add it to our Decant Store.

What is it about this perfume? The name is your first clue – Exultat is the hymn of praise sung during Easter services “Sing, choirs of Angels! Exalt!”  Also, it’s from the hugely talented Italian perfumeur, Maria Candida Gentile, who was inspired to create the scent after a visit to the small church of Saint Lorenzo in Rome during Vespers “where the sacred meets the profane, the spirit meets the material” (from her website).

Exultat is about incense. Not the smoky church incense of CdG Avignon or the more secular floral-based Messe de Minuit by Etro.  Exultat is an incense full of life and light which comes right from its core. Ms. Gentile uses the highest quality natural essences in her perfumes and here she pairs frankincense (olibanum) with citrus, violet leaf and vetiver with a result that is inspired and, well - divine.

The listed notes are lime, bitter orange, orange and olibanum, powdery violet and fresh violet leaf, woodsy notes, vetiver and virginia cedar. The citrus is really short-lived – I smell lime more than orange – and the incense is right up front, but mixes perfectly with the bright citrus with the effect that its smoky resinous note is very subdued. Citrus is soon replaced by the totally wonderful violet leaf, slightly floral, slightly sharp but rooty, which avoids any sweetness, and then I start to smell the woody green vetiver and cedar notes, and the sun comes out from behind the clouds. The mix of incense and violet and vetiver is extraordinary and so perfectly unique. Exultat shines, and feeds my spirit like a perfect sunny day.

Maria Candida Gentile makes perfumes in the classical manner, but they all have a very modern feel. She says in a Ca Fleure Bon interview Jan 05, 2012 by Sergey Borisov:  “A good fragrance always starts with a good intention, the more you love your creations the more they are loaded with the energy of love and they do good to others.” Exultat is a light scent, like Barry Lyndon, is brilliantly conceived, and is made with exceptional high-quality materials. I find it that it stays on my skin for several hours and continually evolves, sometimes green from the violet leaf and vetiver, sometimes powdery and slightly sweet from orange and violet blooms, turning each sniff or waft into pure pleasure. Always in the background is the soft pure incense, which is calming and meditative, reminding me of the “spirit” meeting the “material”.

Maria Gentile definitely loves her creations, and loads them with the energy of love. They sure speak to me. Her exceptional perfumes aren’t easily found in stores, especially here in North America. You can order bottles from her website like I did, but I recommend you get your hands on some decants first, and experience these fine frags yourself. We’ll be adding more of her scents in the next few weeks.

Here on perfumeniche, Barry Lyndon is available,  and Exultat is now part of our decant assortment. The line-up starts here, and Esther – you’re first.

Exultat is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.