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Fat Electrician – Earthy and nutty and smoky - April 18, 2016


Dear Diary,

Kitchen reno – Day 1

The kitchen reno begins! Old kitchen gone – no stove, no sink. Pots, pans, dishes - everything packed safely away from dust and dirt. Workmen come and go all day. Banging, drilling, pounding. We’ve set up camp in the basement and cook off a hotplate, drink wine from jars and shiver with the shared excitement of how great the new kitchen will be when it’s done.

Dear Diary,

Kitchen reno – Day 8

Kitchen reno draggling on. Less banging, drilling, pounding. It seems we are always waiting for something to ‘come in’– the grout, the glue, the lights. The tiniest bit of despair has begun to set in. We’ve taken to just reheating food in the microwave and drinking wine from the bottle.

Dear Diary,

Kitchen reno – Day 13

Hurray! The electrician came today! He seemed like a really nice guy. He wasn’t what I was expecting at all. He was young, slim, engaging and enthusiastic about his work. What was I expecting? A middle aged fat guy with butt-crack? Well, yeah. Oh, and, my electrician smelled of Axe and not at all like Fat Electrician, the EdP from Etat Libre d'Orange.

What can I say? Fat Electrician is my only reference point for how electricians should smell.

The way it opens with a nose-tickling astringent, metallic note that segues to the nutty, sweet smell of chestnut cream that juxtaposes a note of dry, earthy, woody vetiver keeps me wanting more. Should these two thing go together so well? They do in this juice. A good thing too, as they provide the axis the fragrance is built on. As it blooms it goes through a stage of smelling bitter and green and a little smoky from olive leaf. Then, myrrh picks up the bitterness of the olive leaf, while its cousin opoponax carries over the sweetness from the opening. Together the myrrh and opoponax make Fat Electrician resinous, smoky and deep. A whiff of vanilla contrasts with the earthy vetiver and gives the fragrance a comforting vibe so it never feels weird or unwearable.

On me Fat Electrician doesn’t evolve much – it doesn’t have to, it’s perfect just the way it is. It’s a gorgeous treatment of vetiver, that’s a little sweet, smoky and sensuous.

Dear Diary,

Kitchen reno – COMPLETED!

Love the new kitchen! So glad the banging, pounding and sanding are over with. We’ve moved out of the basement and are cooking with gas again!

I must admit I kinda miss the guys though. I got a real charge out of the electrician. His knowledge was current and he really knew how to conduct himself. These puns have got to stop! On the other hand, it’s my diary – it’s not like anyone’s gonna read this but me.

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