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"Faves in 2018" Decant Pack


It’s that time in the year when we see lists appearing online and in magazines for “Best of” 2018: Top 10 best books, best film, best album, best song. Who or what were the favourites?

We ask ourselves the same question every year. It’s a tough task to create our list of favourites because we only buy and write about fragrances we love, so they are in fact, all favourites. And if a fragrance came out in an earlier year but we only discovered it in 2018, lines get blurred and the judging job gets tougher.

This is a job that requires the application of rigorous standards of assessment. Over the years, we’ve gone to experts outside the fragrance world for guidance, to see how they assess attributes in a category. We’ve studied the NASA guidelines for physical fitness, examined the Nobel Prize Committee’s process of nomination and selection of criteria, and investigated how Forbes Magazine creates the categories to rank the wealthiest people on the planet.

None of these sources proved to give us the special insight we need for judging our fragrances. So, we spray, we sniff, we discuss, we debate and we argue. We cull, we winnow, we sift through all our fragrances. Sometimes it gets heated - once a perfumer’s name was actually taken in vain….mon Dieu!

By the time our choices are pared down to the finalists, olfactory exhaustion has set in, the wine glasses are empty, and we have been known to resort to the time-honoured selection method of "Eeny, meeny, miney, moe". But our “Faves in 2018" Decant Pack choices were easy – they chose us, because they are, in two words, unique and spectacular.

Here, described below for you, dear reader, are our “Faves in 2018" Decant Pack.  Not all these scents were released in 2018, but they’re the ones that in 2018, we wore and loved the most. We’re offering a pack of six decants for $30.00, regular $39.00, plus shipping, so you can try them. You’re gonna love ‘em!!!
Pélargonium - Aedes de Venustas
Centered on pelargonium graveolens – a type of geranium that has a crushed-leaf facet with a balsamic aspect that’s almost incense-like. The fragrance is big, not loud, but big spicy, floral, herbaceous, citrusy and woody scent with an elegance that will put it at the top of your favourite fragrance list.

Sweet Morphine – Ex Nihilo

One sniff and I was hooked! It’s the rich smell of lilac – lovely, soft and a little powdery on me – and it just melts into my skin. Iris soon appears adding the woody-floral smell of violets to the lilac. The combination is tender but potent. The flowers are boosted at the base by a patchouli/vetiver woody accord that is sweetened by vanilla so that what had melted into my skin before now radiates from it. I. WANT.MORE.

Dirty Ginger - Heretic Parfums

This is a 100% all natural perfume that’s 100% fabulous! When nose-tingling black pepper and zesty, floral-scented lime and earthy, spicy cumin get jolted by a juicy, fleshy, hot note of fresh ginger, well, there is no denying the excitement. Dirty it may be, but it’s not dark or deep - think sensuous and sophisticated.

Slowdive – Hiram Green

Slowdive is about tobacco blossom and…bees! Beeswax, and pollen, and honey in a hive, not sweet or cloying or syrupy honey, this honey still belongs to the bees! “The heart –  rich and deep, with hints of dried fruit and creamy tuberose – is delicately anchored by a base of honeyed resins that give Slowdive its soft and exotic touch”. It’s the deliciously natural glazed honey and beeswax combination that wins my heart in Slowdive. Smells great on women and men.

Honeysuckle and Davana – Jo Malone

First of all, there’s nothing quite like honeysuckle with its sweet honeyed citrusy scent, swoon-inducing as it dries down. Davana, which is native to India, is rich, sweet, fruity and herbal, slightly woody with a hint of vanilla and a subtle licorice note. Blend those two notes together through the artistry of two brilliant perfumers, Celine Roux and Anne Flipo, and you have Honeysuckle and Davana, a radiant summer fragrance which dries down into a true femme fatale floral. Just gorgeous.

Au Coeur du désert – Tauer Perfumes

Andy Tauer released this parfum extrait version of his iconic L'air du désert marocain in late 2016. With a 20% concentration of perfume oils, the dry aromatic accord of cedar and vetiver in the original is dialed back, smoothed by more musky-salty ambergris, deepened by dark vanilla and velvety patchouli. Au Coeur du Désert has a luxurious silky texture, an intimate golden warmth, woody and ambery, that melts on your skin. Another masterpiece from Andy Tauer for women and men to love and wear forever.

"Faves in 2018" Decant Pack is available in our Decant Store for $30.00, plus shipping.