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February 1, 2017 – L'Air de Paris



I’ve been having a great time in Paris this last little while, especially discovering new fragrances and places to buy them in the City of Light.

I have a soft spot for Penhaligon’s fragrances and their new Portraits line – a series fragrances built around characters in an aristocratic British family:

“What are the secrets of the British aristocracy? Are they as well behaved, courteous and polite as they seem to be? “Portraits” is a tribute to the English spirit; between establishment, humour and provocation.”

The line was launched last fall with the release of The Tragedy of Lord George, The Revenge of Lady Blanche, The Coveted Duchess Rose and Much Ado About the Duke and will expand to include fragrances based on characters in the Lord George household. The one I’m currently most taken with is Clandestine Clara.

"Penhaligon's presents to you the unofficial side of Lord George’s dynasty, beginning with - as we have come to know her - Clandestine Clara. And isn’t she a complex creature… A forceful personality, spicy but equally sweet, she has travelled in exotic countries and company - and in her smoky, velvety, woody air you may detect a memory (or three) of his Lordship… (One would certainly never guess the lady also smokes…). She is rebellious, contradictory, independent, unconventional - a woman ahead of her time. But above all, as you will discover, she is a true gourmand, completely delectable (and Lord George would know)."

There’ll be more on Clandestine Clara in a future post.

I love the fragrances available at L'Eclaireur Sévigné. Essentially an upscale clothing store, they have an outstanding selection of perfume lines – like the new Philippe Starck fragrances.

Then there’s Liquides, a perfume bar that has fabulous niche lines. Grab a set at the bar, order a cup of tea or coffee, tell the barmaid what scents you like and then relax into the whole sensory experience. Great way for a perfumista to spend an afternoon in Paris!

And, if this gets you thinking about maybe opening your own perfume store, well, Jovoy, the perfume boutique on rue de Castiglione in Paris is now franchising! Currently, they have franchisee outlets in Tehran and Le Mans with more to come I’m sure. Maybe, just maybe....