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Fitnessence - Woody and aromatic, light and refreshing

Image - Wikimedia Commons

I’m determined to get strong this year. Get rid of my back pain. I made this decision a few weeks ago, and the plan includes extra workouts, so the challenge will be getting myself out the door to the gym. It’s winter, after all. 

I always feel great AFTER a workout, when the endorphins have kicked in. Feeling great DURING my workout would be fantastic, so I’ve decided I’m going to “scent up” for workouts. Wear a perfume. Just a little spritz, just enough for me, not for anyone else.  Catching a waft of a favourite fragrance makes me immediately feel good, always, no matter what I’m doing, so I figure a “gym scent” will help me focus on the moment, really feel my body breathing and working hard, and it will also be an on-the-job reward which will inspire me to stick with the program. That’s my theory, which as it turns out, has some science to back it up, from both physiological and psychological studies.

Fitnessence, from House of Matriarch, is the fragrance I've chosen to start the new plan. According to Christie Meshell, the creative force behind House of Matriarch, her 98% organic/vegan aromatic woody fragrance from 2015 is…

“The original pre-workout fragrance…, formulated with natural essences to increase oxygen flow in the brain, activate beneficial hormonal changes, increase stamina and improve reflexes, benefit the circulatory system, signal the brain to lubricate the joints…”

Christie maintains that unlike other pre-workout boosters such as caffeine and energy drinks, FITNESSENCE works immediately and has no rebound effects, and …”in addition to the immediate boost, the sesquiterpenes in FITNESSENCE create an anchor of motivation in the brain, an association that grows stronger each time you smell the fragrance…”. 

How does Fitnessence smell?? The blend of over thirty essentials oils has a wonderful opening, refreshing and light, like a soft breeze in a Northwest cedar forest, cool evergreens with spicy undertones from nutmeg and clove, coriander and pepper, mixed with herbs, such as bay leaf, basil, and minty shiso. 

The heart goes deeper into the woods, with the distinctive sweaty note of cypress balanced by the clean grounding note of cedar, and the dark-blue evergreen scent of spruce forming an invigorating but still light-handed accord. A smattering of floral and herb notes, narcissus and green tea, add some intrigue. The base is welcoming and warm, with notes of frankincense, sandalwood, ginger, myrhh and amber mixing with the calming foresty wood accord. 

Fitnessence is definitely non-gendered, and wears lightly on skin so that it remains in personal space, and is therefore ideal for a workout scent. Does it improve my performance, make me stronger? Who knows? What I can tell you after wearing it several times is that I’m enjoying the time I spend in the gym, look forward to going, and feel strong and pain-free after my workout sessions. 

Maybe those sesquiterpenes are really working, building those cerebral connections for me, or maybe it’s simply the power of suggestion on my overwhelmed consumer brain, but I don’t care. The fact is I’m doing what I promised myself I would do, and I get to wear a beautiful fragrance while I do it, which makes me feel good. My “gym scent” may become my “everywhere scent”.

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Image: Fitness, thoroughlyreviewedcom, Wikimedia Commons, April 19, 2019