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Fleur de Figuier


I visited the Roger et Gallet boutique at The Bay a while ago, and in talking with the very well-informed SA, I was stunned to learn that many of the scents in the new range have been developed by the best contemporary noses - Dominique Ropion, Mathilde Bijaoui, Nathalie Lorson, Alberto Morillas, and Francis Kurkdjian (Absolue pur le Soir, Enlevement du Serail, Lady Vengeance, Dior Eau Noire). Kurkdjian created my pick, Fleur de Figuier, which was launched in 2013. Also, I was stunned to learn that these scents sell for around $50, which is just a crazy price for such excellent compositions.
Kurkdjian says in the press release that he wanted to create a new fig, one more delicate and modern than anything previously created, one based on a floral structure to give it a light dimension, because a fig is not only a tree and fruit, but is also a flower. The freshness is created in the opening with an accord of citrus from mandarin and grapefruit plus aromatic cumin, and the fresh note is carried into the heart by the green leaves laid over not-quite-ripe figs, which have a milky vegetal sweetness. The combination results in a soft floral haze around the fruit in the heart, and the feeling of delicate green-ness carries through into the dry-down.  Creamy, with just hints of dry wood instead of stronger resins, the dry-down on my skin is musky and soft, with a subtle sexy quality.
Francis Kurkdjian created exactly what he set out to do – a modern fig scent. Much different from Premier Figuier Extreme by L’Artisan Parfumeur which is the ripened fig, sweet, juicy, and luscious - or Philosykos by Diptyque, which is dark, earthy and woody, Fleur de Figuier reveals the fig note in all its natural beauty, from top to bottom - leaves, flower, fruit, wood. The harmony of the green/floral accord give Fleur de Figuier its distinctively modern edge, and places this interpretation of the fig note at the top of my Fig List.
Kurkdjian’s version wears no make-up, has no artifice, plays no tricks. It’s so easy to fall in love with, and is such sheer pleasure to wear.
Notes: mandarin orange, grapefruit and cumin, fig leaf, fig, fig nectar, cedar and musk.
Type: Eau Fraiche Parfumee
Parfumeur: Francis Kurkdjian

Price: $4.00