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Fleurs de Citronnier

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Created by Christopher Sheldrake and launched in 2004 by Serge Lutens, Fleurs de Citronnier is the essence of summer.

'Fleurs de Citronnier' translates into 'lemon blossoms,' and they’re the main attraction in this eau de parfum, which opens a note of bitter, citrusy, green citronnier petitgrain – the kind made from the leaves of lemon trees. As it settles, the lemon blossom appears, its delicate beauty is transparent but tenacious, and it stays right through to the drydown.  Citrusy neroli bolsters the lemon blossom with its green and orange facets. Soon they are joined by a lush, indolic note of tuberose; its' sensuality countering the purity of the lemon blossoms. A note of honey keeps the tuberose in check, while iris rounds out the flowers. Around this time, the fragrance smells clean. On me, it's not soapy-smelling clean as much as it is fresh-smelling. This is when I realize how simple and uncluttered with heady, heavy notes Fleurs de Citronnier is. At the base, there is a touch of warmth from nutmeg, while styrax gives it a dry, subtle woodiness and musks smooth it out.
The drydown is delicate, floral and fresh. But its beauty lies in its simplicity and transparency. It's structured to allow every note to shine without any of them outshining the lemon blossom. It's the smell of a neighbour's summer garden caught in a breeze drifting over into your backyard. Well, it is to me.

Fleurs de Citronnier brings the summer back to me and somehow revitalizes my saggy spirit.

Notes: petitgrain, lemon blossom, neroli, honey, tuberose, nutmeg, styrax, iris and musk.

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Christopher Sheldrake


Price: $7.00